How Fast Is Sonic?

How Fast Is Sonic?

The little hedgehog, Sonic the Hedgehog is a hero indeed in the world of video games. Since 1991, a war has raged against the evil Doctor Robotnik and his eternal search for the Chaos Emeralds. He has got a cast of colorful characters as well, including Miles “Tails” Powers, Knuckles the Echidna, Amy Rose and Shadow the Hedgehog.

For the safety of people, to wreck Robotnik’s plans, Sonic relies on his super speed. This little fella can run faster than the speed of sound, and you don’t want to know how fast that is going. When Sonic gets going, all you can see is a blue blur. Fast as lightning Then you may be asking yourself, precisely how fast is Sonic?

The Sonic Speed: How Fast Is Sonic

Sonic grew up on Mobius and always dashed around in those hills. Some believe his Power Sneakers are the key to Sonic’s speed, but no way he was born with this fast-as-lightening ability. With the Power Sneakers, he could just cut loose without getting hurt. These shoes were a gift from Doctor Ovi Kintobor for helping gather the Chaos Emeralds.

One time, Doctor Kintobor was only a peaceful scientist living on Earth. But one mysterious day he was teleported to Mobius, an entirely new world. Kintobor was quick to adapt. He established a lab in the Emerald Hill Zone and went to work, making Mobius an even better place. His big dream? It was then that he met Sonic, the aid-giving hedgehog.

Sonic agreed to team up with Kintobor, helping him find the Chaos Emeralds for his Retro-Orbital Chaos Compressor. In return, Kintobor promised to boost Sonic’s speed, which is how the Power Sneakers came to be. However, here is the twist: Kintobor had a terrible accident that turned him into the not-so-friendly Robotnik. That accident messed up his plan to make Mobius a paradise. 

Sonic consented to work with Kintobor, and finds the Chaos Emeralds for his Retro-Orbital Chaos Compressor. As revenge, Kintobor promised to enhance Sonic’s speed and thus came the Power Sneakers. But here is the twist: Kintobor sustained a bad accident, and turned from his friendly self into the not-so-friendly Robotnik. The accident totally wrecked his plan to turn Mobius into a paradise.

Zooming with Sonic

When Sonic first put on his Power Sneakers, things got a little crazy. He went so fast that he broke the sound barrier. Back then, Doctor Kintobor stuck Sonic in a Kinetic Gyratoscope to really race him. Because the Power Sneakers were protecting him, Sonic stepped on it with all he had. Broke the sound barrier! His quills changed from brown to a blue, fused together in one whole.

With his sharp new look, Sonic’s got serious speed now. Whenever he goes for a run, he does 767 miles per hour. He can push himself all the way to max speed of 186,000 miles per second, faster than light! O.K., he is not keeping up the light speed, but his normal pace is still faster than the speed of sound. Though sonic is no superhero, through using his speed and building a strong motor of force, he can overcome any enemy.

In pop culture, Sonic’s speed is legendary. He can’t help being compared with other speedsters such as Flash, Superman, Dash from the cartoon The Incredible Gift and Quicksilver. They’re all zooming along, but Sonic has his own fast-moving flair.


How did Sonic the Hedgehog become so fast?

There is no technological amplification needed to achieve his super-speed. He can run just as fast whether he wears his shoes or not, but the Power Sneakers remain a vital piece of equipment.

How did Sonic get his super speed?

In a nutshell, when Sonic first met Dr Robotnik, he was already pretty fast for a hedgehog. Robotnik equipped him with special “power sneakers”, and trained him on his kinetic “gyratoscope”. As a result, Sonic is now capable of moving at super-sonic speed.


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