Everything About Graveyard Keeper Zombie

Everything About Graveyard Keeper Zombie

Graveyard Keeper Zombie – Zombies, typically associated with vileness, nastiness, and the undead, aren’t usually recognized as diligent workers. Nevertheless, in Graveyard Keeper, where crafting items and managing farming resources can be overwhelming, Zombies assist you!

Graveyard Keeper zombie presents a simulator where you take charge of a graveyard and interact with numerous NPCs. Each character plays a vital role in advancing the main storyline. Among the intriguing individuals you encounter is Gunter, a remarkable reanimated corpse capable of speech. Notably, Gunter is the sole cognizant Zombie within the game, guiding you towards the astonishing revelation of functional Zombies.

Meeting Gunter

To locate Gunter, you must complete a quest for another character first. Snake is one of the NPCs you must persuade to enter the church’s dungeon. Once you have gained entry to the jail, proceed beyond the entrance. A cutscene will unfold, revealing that someone else has arrived before you. During this scene, you will stumble upon Gunter, bound and isolated in a prison cellar.

Starting Gunter’s Questline

Once you encounter Gunter in the prison cellar, he will request that you strike him with your sword. Due to his prolonged confinement in shackles, he has developed a strong desire to experience pain. He will withhold any further information about himself or the Zombie workers unless you comply with his request.

However, once you fulfil Gunter’s initial request, the chained Zombie becomes more talkative. He will divulge details about his fellow brethren and suggest you create more Zombies to assist you with your tasks. Gunter will advise you to retrieve the blueprint for the Resurrection Table from the cabinet on his left. Upon inspecting the cabinet, you will obtain the blueprint and some Zombie juice. These items are crucial for transforming deceased bodies into Zombies.

How To Make Graveyard Keeper Zombie?

To start the process of creating an army of Zombie workers, there are a few essential steps to follow:

  1. Begin by constructing a Resurrection Table in the Morgue. This table will be where you can transform dead bodies into Zombies. Remember, you can only resurrect corpses with a 90% or higher body quality.
  2. Next, utilize the Alchemy Table to create Zombie Juice. This potion requires two key ingredients:  Health Powder and Human Blood.
  3. Once you have the Resurrection Table and Zombie Juice ready, it’s time to proceed. Place the corpse onto the Resurrection Table, but before you can bring it back to life, ensure you have accumulated 10 Faith Points and possess one serving of Zombie Juice.

By following these steps, you’ll be well on your way to establishing a total workforce of Zombie helpers.

Uses of Graveyard Keeper Zombie

To effectively utilize your Zombies, it’s essential to construct workstations where they can operate and contribute.

When Gunter reveals the existence of other Zombies, he will guide you to a location where a Zombie is trapped beneath a pile of rocks at the woods’ entrance. By freeing this Zombie from the rubble, you will acquire your first worker Zombie and blueprints to create Zombie Workstations.

Engaging your  Graveyard Keeper Zombie in these workstations is surprisingly simple and does not involve biting, scratching, or violence. You only need to press the “E” key to lift a Zombie’s lifeless body and place it into any available Workstation.

  • Zombie Farm: Zombies can assist in planting and harvesting crops, but they need seeds provided.
  • Zombie Woodcutting: Zombies can chop wood for you, saving time and resources with built-in Timber Stockpile and Porter Station.
  • Zombie Porter Station: Zombies can carry resources from the station to stockpiles, including wood and stones.
  • Zombie Mine: Zombies can mine Iron Ores and Coal, requiring a Stone Stockpile and a box for storage.
  • Zombie Stone Quarry: Zombies gather stone and marble, needing a Stone Stockpile for storage.
  • Zombie Text Generator: Zombies can write books at the Random Text Generator workstation, requiring papers.
  • Zombie Crate Factory: Zombies make crates to store crops for selling to the Merchant.
  • Zombie Vineyard (Stranger Sins DLC): Zombies help grow grapes and hops, with a Porter Station to carry harvested produce to the cellar.
  • Zombie Winery: With a Winery, Zombies can produce 40 bottles of wine at once.
  • Zombie Brewery: Using Water and Wheat, Zombies can make around 10 mugs of beer in the Brewery.

Zombies can be incredibly useful when you’ve been putting in a lot of effort into your tasks but find yourself lacking the energy to craft a particular item to complete a task. The good news is that Zombies can also operate regular Workstations such as the Anvil or the Stone Cutter. Simply position them on these stations, supply them with the necessary crafting materials, and they will take care of all the work on your behalf.

Graveyard Keeper Zombie

If you’ve already guessed, Graveyard Keeper Zombie tends to work slower than your movement speed. However, some Zombies can work more efficiently and complete tasks faster than others. There’s a way to enhance the efficiency of your Zombies, and it involves using an Embalming Table and certain Fluids to modify their insides. When we say “insides,” we refer to their White Skulls and some organs.

Having Red Skulls on a buried corpse in your cemetery isn’t ideal, but it doesn’t matter to a Zombie. What matters this time is the number of White Skulls they possess. To increase the White Skull count, remove their Fat and blood and replace them with a Brain, Heart, and Intestines. It’s essential that these three organs have three variants of White Skulls in them. Lastly, apply a Lye Injection,  Silver Injection, Glue Injection, and Gold At the Embalming Table to the Zombie’s body.

The only drawback of relying too heavily on your Zombie workers is that you won’t be able to gather Technology Points from their automated work. Unlocking certain Technologies and blueprints related to Zombies can also require a substantial amount of Tech points, so it’s often better to focus on obtaining them later in the game.


Can Zombies perform all tasks in Graveyard Keeper?

No, Zombies have specific capabilities and are best suited for certain tasks. They excel in farming, woodcutting, mining, crafting, and other manual labour. However, they cannot perform complex decision-making tasks or interact with NPCs.

How can I increase the efficiency of my Zombies?

You can modify its insides at the Embalming Table to enhance a Zombie’s efficiency. Remove their Blood and Fat and replace them with a Heart, Brain, and Intestines, ensuring that these organs have three variants of White Skulls. Additionally, apply Lye Injection, Glue Injection, Silver Injection, and Gold Injection to their bodies.

Can Zombies Earn Technology Points in Graveyard Keeper?

No, relying on Zombie workers for automated tasks will not earn you any Technology Points. Unlocking blueprints and Technologies related to Zombies often requires accumulating Tech points separately. It’s advisable to focus on acquiring them later in the game for a more fitting progression.


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