GOLDEN ORDER GREATSWORD : The enormous force of this golden sword is quite difficult to locate. One of the fabled weapons in the game, the GoldenOrder Greatsword, is something you should look for if you consider yourselves an Elden Ring bounty hunter. It’s a holy blade that looks like it’s formed entirely of runes, and it’s very trendy but also exceedingly lethal.

The Golden Order Greatsword can be used for swinging like any other sword, however, its Flames of War move represents where it comes into its own (figuratively speaking). The move, called Establish Order, begins with an outward explosion of holy magic and can be followed immediately by a wide slash that sends a massive energy wave shooting out of the sword.

The best thing is that, although finding this useful blade will be challenging if you aren’t too far beyond the Elden Ring, only a common cave stands in the way. With the help of the informative video instructions from RageGamingVideos, here is where to find it:

Where to locate the Golden Order Greatsword, according to Elden Ring

Like many of the other Elden Ring loot, the Golden Order Greatsword is a prize for taking down a boss. In the Forlorn Cave, you must battle the Misbegotten Crusader boss. This cave is on the western slope of the snow-covered Mountaintops of the Giants. If you haven’t made much progress in the tale, entering one of the latter zones in the game can be difficult.

You must pass through Leyndell, the Royal Capital, to access the Grand Elevator of Rold, your sole route to the mountains. You can now enter the area from the east, but you will need both halves from the Haligtree Hidden Medallion to enter from the west, home to the Tunnel of the Forlorn. 

Following the frozen river east, you will encounter a large land octopus protecting the entrance to the Cave that is Forlorn, which is where you can utilize the medallion to get to the western flank of the mountains. To open the passage, you will require a couple of Stonesword Keys, so be ready.

The Misbegotten Crusader, who owns the Golden Order Greatsword, must then be defeated by making your way through the cave. Take particular care about avoiding the significant damage magic attacks throughout this straightforward boss battle. You will receive the Golden Order Greatsword as a prize after the battle. By default, the weapon scales best on trust & requires 16 power, 21 dexterity, & 18 faith to wield adequately.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1) How effective is The Golden Order Greatsword?

Ans. In Elden Ring Online, the Golden Order Greatsword becomes an effective weapon for fighting off invaders. The sword’s physical damage is equal to that of any other sword.

Q2) What greatsword has the most destructive power?

Ans. The weapon of Milos has the greatest physical damage of all the special greatswords. It scales to both Power or Dexterity, making it the perfect weapon for players that like to use exclusively physical weapons and rely on Strength builds.

Q3) What is the Golden Order Greatsword’s optimal scaling?

Ans. Dexterity and Faith are the main scaling factors for the Golden Order Greatsword, with slight scaling for Strength. It is a flexible weapon with a significant quantity of Holy damage potential both close-up and at medium distance.


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