10+ Pokemon God

10+ Pokemon God

God Pokemon – In the Pokemon world, the most powerful and crucial creatures are the gods. They create life and look after different worlds. It is strange that kids can catch and control these universe-creating creatures.

Among these powerful Pokemon gods, some are even more superior than others. This could be because they are stronger or have more interesting stories and abilities. Most of these god Pokemon are quite strong, but there is one top supreme being that’s even more powerful than the others.

List of Pokemon God

Here in the list we have mentioned 10+ Pokemon god which you should know. Have a look:


In Pokemon stories, the very first being came from a lonely egg in a big, empty place. Arceus, first Pokemon god, hatched from that egg and made all living things. Nobody knows where the egg came from or who made it, not even Arceus.

Maybe the people who make Pokemon want to keep it a secret so fans can think up their ideas. Some fans think the egg’s maker is Satoshi Tajiri, the person who made Pokemon in the real world. If this idea becomes true, it would make him the mightiest Pokemon god.


Mesprit’s job is to give feelings to the creatures in the world. The story says that this Pokemon sleeps under Lake Verity, but its spirit wanders around. Even though Mesprit is not the strongest god, it does not have any big powers.

It looks a bit like Mew but has an extra tail, a pink thing on its head, and some jewels. This Psychic-type Pokemon seems more like a fairy than a powerful god. It might control emotions, but it is not very scary.


Kyogre is like a god Pokemon, but not the most powerful one. It is in charge of the oceans and can make them even bigger by making heavy rains. It looks like a big whale with fingers on its fins. Its special power, called Drizzle, brings rain to the battlefield.

You can meet Kyogre in the Pokemon games Ruby and Sapphire, but it was easier to catch in Sapphire. It is strong in some ways with high Special Attack and Special Defense, but its HP and Attack are just okay, and its Defense and Speed are decent.


Groudon is the opposite of Kyogre; it is the boss of the land. The story says it can use hot, molten rock to make water disappear and make more land. After fighting with Kyogre, it went to sleep underground in hot, molten rock to heal. 

Groudon looks like a tough, rocky dragon and is one of the strongest Pokemon in the games. Its shiny version is amazing and a must-get if you like collecting special ones.


Rayquaza looks like a shiny, flying snake. It is a tough Dragon-type Pokemon and the boss of the sky. People say it is the Earth’s protector from space rocks. This Pokemon is super strong and once stopped Groudon and the fight of Kyogre all by itself. Its special power, Airlock, can clear away any weather on the battlefield and stop new weather from happening.


Azelf was made to give people the strength to face challenges and do well in life. This power might be behind the success of all Pokemon and trainers because it is what keeps them trying. Azelf also gets credit for keeping the world in harmony.

It is a psychic Pokemon like Mesprit and looks a bit like Mew, but it wears a blue hat. We do not know exactly how it keeps things in balance, but maybe just its presence inspires people and Pokemon to do things right.


Uxie was made to give humans lots of knowledge, and it is super wise. It is one of the few Pokemon gods that almost knows everything. In Pokemon stories, it says Uxie always keeps its eyes closed because if someone sees its eyes, they will forget things.

For battles, making others forget stuff is a strong power. Having all that knowledge makes Uxie very strong because it can predict all dangers and find solutions. Uxie is like Mesprit and Azelf, a Psychic-type Pokemon, and it looks a bit like Mew with two tails and a yellow helmet.


Palkia, called the Creation Trio, is probably the least strong among the top gods. Arceus made it to manage space and help create the universe. This Pokemon is both a Water and Dragon type, and it can make its own little world to move between places. 

Stories say that even its breath can make space stable and in balance. It is a really strong Pokemon that looks kind of like a mechanical dragon and can be scary to its foes.


Dialga is a powerful Pokemon that can control time. It can go back to the past and see the future whenever it wants. It is said that time keeps moving because of its heartbeat. If its heart stops, everything might freeze.

This dragon looks kind of scary and lives in a time world that changes as it wants.


Giratina is maybe the strongest god in the Creation Trio, and it is like the opposite of Arceus, who made all life. Giratina is the closest thing in Pokemon to a devil. This Ghost Pokemon looks really scary with six legs, wings like a bat, and bug-like parts on its face and neck.


Some people believe that Mew is very important in the world of Pokemon. They say it made all life the way it is. Mew’s special power lets it change into any other Pokemon, which supports the idea that all Pokemon came from Mew. Also, Mew can learn every move ever made, or at least every move people made using TMs and HMs.


Arceus is the mightiest Pokemon god, without a doubt. It made everything in the world, including the other gods.

Arceus looks a bit like a deer with a wheel on its body. Funny thing is, it is a Normal-type Pokemon, but it has a power called Multitype, which lets it change into other types. Arceus can even talk to people and has conversations with trainers sometimes.

Some FAQs

What is a god Pokemon?

A god Pokemon is a Pokemon that is said to have created or have dominion over a certain aspect of the Pokemon world. They are often very powerful and are revered by humans and Pokemon alike.

Who are some of the god Pokemon?

Some of the most well-known god Pokemon include Arceus, the creator of the Pokemon universe; Dialga, the ruler of time; Palkia, the ruler of space; and Giratina, the ruler of the Distortion World.

Where can I find god Pokemon?

God Pokemon are typically very rare and difficult to find. They are often found in special locations, such as temples or ruins.

Can I catch a god Pokemon?

Yes, it is possible to catch a god Pokemon. However, they are very difficult to catch and often require a lot of skill and luck.


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