Glimmora weaknesses and best counters in  Scarlet and Violet Pokemon 

Glimmora weaknesses and best counters in  Scarlet and Violet Pokemon 

Glimmora, strong of the Pokemon  type. It is good at playing defense and taking guys down if they do not catch on to its tricks. Even Geeta, the Elite Four champion, has one in her party. What do you do about it? We can explain all the weaknesses Glimmora has in Pokemon  Scarlet and Violet and how to counter them. This is how we will talk about the Glimmora Weaknesses in Pokemon :

Glimmora Weaknesses in Scarlet and Violet Pokemon 

Since this Pokemon  is a Poison and Rock type, it is weak to the following types:


  • Ground
  • Water
  • Psychic
  • Steel


Among these four types, it most easily takes damage from the ground. It will do much more damage than the others; by far, it is the best pick.

If you are battling against Glimmora during the Elite Four, then her Pokemon has a Toxic Debris ability. When a Pokemon physically attacks her Glimmora, this is a Toxic Spikes automated move. It is more annoying if you are changing teams. When they enter, they take damage until the spikes disappear.

In any case, Glimmora is a powerful Sp. Decent D, Sp. Attacker Defense setup. Taking all this into consideration, you want to be using a Sp. Prevent the Toxic Debris with an attack that’s super effective against its type also, although it is Sp. Defense and Defense are similar, the Sp. The Pokemon’s defense is weaker.

Take advantage of hitting it with Special Attacks; those extra headaches will not be. They tend to use moves of their type, with ground-type and utility moves are thrown in for good measure so that the Pokemon lives longer on the battlefield.

No wonder you do not see this Pokemon out in the wild until you hit Area Zero. If you do not want to spare the Glimmet and evolve it until level 35, then outside of the 5-star raids or endgame area and above, there is no other choice.

More about Glimmora Weaknesses in Pokemon 

Because of its rock/poison typing, Glimmora has many weaknesses, and Pokemon counters Scarlet and Violet. The largest of these is ground. Rock and poison are both weak to the ground. In other words, ground-type Pokemon moves are four times as effective when used on Glimmora.

Glimmora’s stats

Now, let us take a look at Glimmora’s stats in Pokemon  Scarlet and Violet. It has a base stat of 525 total, which is very high for a legendary or non-pseudo Pokemon. Its Special Attack is by far its highest score.

Glimmora counters

Taking the benefit of these Glimmora weaknesses, one of the best counters for Glimmora in Scarlet and Violet right now would have to be a special ground-type move. Earth Power is a good example. It is special, ground-type and has 90 base power. This is probably your best shot against Glimmora, however, there are many options.


When did you catch 400 Pokemon in Scarlet?

Moreover, this will keep your hands full for several hours because there are exactly four hundred entries from each generation to find and catch. Additionally, there are so many versions of exclusives and trade-evolved Pokemon you will want to complete the Pokedex for the ultimate prize at the end: the Shiny Charm.

Does Glimmora evolve?

By raising Glimmet to level 35, players can evolve it into Glimora. After this point, evolution will occur each time the Pokemon levels up. There are no prerequisites, and the Pokemon does not need to know any special moves. No items are needed.

What is the weakness of a fairy type?

Fairy-type Pokemon have three main weaknesses: Poison-type attacks, Steel types, and Fire types.

How do you counter Glimmora?

Fighting Glimmora Note that Rock and Poison-type Pokemon are weak to Ground, Psychic, Steel-, and Water-type moves. They deal with reduced damage from fire, flying, bug, fairy, normal, and Poisonous moves.

How to defeat Glimmora in Pokemon  Scarlet?

Or you can bring a Fire-type to take out Avalugg and Kingambit (and Gogoat), then a Grass, Ground, Steel or Water-type Pokemon to deal with Glimmora. So remember that Glimmora will Terastallize for its first move, so Terastallize your own Pokemon here too.



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