Stardew Valley: How To ‘Feed The Sand Dragon His Last Meal’

Stardew Valley: How To ‘Feed The Sand Dragon His Last Meal’

Players may begin the Mysterious Qi questline at any point in Stardew Valley. However, once players have replaced the Battery Pack in the tunnel by the bus stop, Mr Qi will present them with a series of peculiar tasks to complete, including give the sand dragon his last meal.

There’s a mission where you must “give the sand dragon his last meal.” Stardew Valley gamers may see the sand dragon as an adversary to be defeated because of their negative associations with dragons and Skull Cavern. 

However, there is no boss dragon fight required of the players. One Solar Essence and travel to the Calico Desert are all that players will need to complete this phase of the quest. Finally, it is the last supper for the sand dragon, marking the end of Mr. Qi’s journey. You should know everything to give the sand dragon his last meal in detail. 


Stardew Valley: The Haunted Skull and the Path to Solar Essence

  • Players must acquire a Solar Essence to complete this quest.
  • The following foes are known to drop Solar Essence:
  • Ghostly squid children mummies iridium bats
  • Hotheads
  • Blue Ghost Squids
  • Hard As Nails

Krobus sells them to players for 80g. Players may generate a Solar Essence daily if they have ten Sunfish in their Fish Pond. Visiting the cold mine levels (levels 51 to 79) where ghosts may spawn is the simplest method to do this, particularly early in the game.

For those who still need to unlock Skull Cavern, Krobus, or the Sunfish Fish Pond, ghosts are the most reliable and convenient source of Solar Essence. If players need Solar Essence rapidly while adventuring on Ginger Island, they may also cultivate it in the volcanic dungeon there.

Where To Find The Key To The Calico Sands?

Outside of Stardew Valley, Calico Desert is where you’ll find the sand dragon. Players must finish the vault package at the Community Centre to gain entrance to the desert.


Prize: Three Chocolate Cakes (2,500 Bundle)

The reward for a 5,000 Bundle: 30 High-Quality Plant Food

One Lightning Rod for every ten thousand Bundles; a Crystalarium for every twenty-five thousand Bundles. A total of 42,500 gold will be required to fix the bus and make Desert bus tickets available to gamers. They need only choose “Bus” as their mode of transportation on the Development Form if they want to travel the Joja Route. The price tag on this is 40 thousand gold pieces.

Tips for Getting to the Calico Desert

The Solar Essence must be taken to the desert after gathering all the necessary items to give the sand dragon his last meal. In-game, Stardew Valley’s bus service begins at about 10:10 a.m. Once Pam boards the bus, the only time players can buy tickets is then. She’ll leave her post at five o’clock, but anybody remaining in the desert after that time may return home.

Players may avoid spending money on the bus fare by utilising Warp Totems to go to and from the desert. Likewise, players may use a Desert Warp Totem and ride the bus back to the Valley whenever needed since doing so costs no real money.

Where to Track Down the Sand Dragon for His Final Meal

The players must go west along the road after getting off the bus in the desert until they reach a massive animal skeleton on the south side of the road. Gamers must bring him this to “give his last meal” to the sand dragon.

The Solar Essence must be used on the sand dragon’s skull’s mouth after players have approached the skeleton. The last request in the Mysterious Qi questline will become available at this point, requiring the player to investigate the timber pile near their farmhouse. By doing so, gamers will be issued a Club Card that grants them unrestricted access to Calico Desert’s Casino.

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The Casino is south of the sand dragon’s bones in the Oasis shop. The Casino is in a hidden rear area that can only be accessed with a Club Card. There, gamblers may take part in a variety of games. Stardew Valley may now be played on mobile devices, computers, consoles, and switches.

You should know these essential facts to give the sand dragon his last meal. 


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