How to Get an Instant Reply, Unlimited Coins, and More on Gimkit (2023)

How to Get an Instant Reply, Unlimited Coins, and More on Gimkit (2023)

Gimkit hacks – Abundant Gimkit exploits. Keep reading if you want to know how to hack Gimkit for endless money or an auto-answer bot.

Because of its popularity among educators, Gimkit has overtaken Kahoot as a top alternative for classroom quizzes and game shows. The interface and functionality are almost identical to Kahoot! It has special touches that encourage learning via play.

For those unfamiliar, Gimkit is only a web-based student-response tool that enables educators to make or choose readymade kits or question sets and have students respond in real time with a unique game code.

Unlike Kahoot, with Gimkit, you get real money for every correct answer, which you can use to buy further features. Gimkit is unlike any other app since it replaces the concept of collecting points with virtual cash that can be used to buy re-dos and increase the payout for getting questions right.

The application has several game types, including Classic and Team, but its standout feature is KitCollab, which allows students to construct games by submitting questions before the game start. If you want to cheat in games or have automated systems respond to your inquiries, this is one of the most incredible gimkit hacks available.

Gimkit Exploits

The auto-response gimkit hacks were created by a helpful developer on github who goes by the moniker ecc521; it operates by continuously answering questions on your behalf and, once it has saved up enough money, upgrading your account for you. It’s helpful in and of itself, and even while it can’t automatically buy upgrades, it still provides a tonne of cash that’s crucial to making progress.


It’s crucial to note up front that the gimkit hacks we’re going to reveal only work on the desktop Chrome browser. Visit this page on Github if you already have that setup, and then copy all the scripts from that page to your clipboard.

The next step is to hop into an existing Gimkit session and utilize the F12 keyboard shortcut or right-click menu to access the “Inspect Element” window.

Select the Console tab at the top of the newly opened window, and then paste the code or script you copied earlier into the box.

When you’re ready to inject the gimkit hacks into your game, press Enter. Just reload the page to get started experiencing it.

Is Gimkit the same as Kahoot?

Kahoot is popular among more competitive students, but GimKit is more popular overall among students. GimKit provides a random question loop for more practice. However, GimKit is a paid service (with a restricted free version), whereas Kahoot, Quizizz, and Quizlet Live are all free.

Are children safe using Gimkit?

It’s excellent in the classroom, but it’s also helpful for pupils at home. Teachers give their pupils various homework assignments to do at home and the Gimkit system will automatically grade the work. Using KitCollab, children may collaborate on the questions.


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