GHOST OF TSUSHIMA TROPHY GUIDE – It can be challenging to obtain the Conventional Courtesy trophy from the Ghost of Tsushima. Here is a detailed tutorial on including it in your library.

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Nowadays, a lot of games that acquire DLC include a list of brand-new awards for players to gather. Players can grind out extra accomplishments during the Iki Island DLC now that Sucker Punch has released the Ghost of the Tsushima Director’s Cut. With this DLC, players will have access to a brand-new tale as well as two trophy lists: story and exploration.

Ghost Of Tsushima: All Memory Locations

The story of Iki Island has become playable thanks to the director’s cut upgrade. How long is Ghost of Tsushima

The Ghost of Tsushima has finally arrived. In this DLC, Jin assists the raiders in taking back Iki Island from the Eagle, the new Mongol commander. This Ghost of Tsushima DLC is not only packed with new content for gamers to explore, but it also features a brand-new tale for them to enjoy.

How Do Memories Work?

On the island of Iki, players can engage with a brand-new type of collectable known as The Memory of the Father. Players can relive a few of Jin’s memories in the past thanks to these recollections.

There are a total of five of these memories, the final of which can only be accessed after the first four are found. Players receive a new weapon kit named Tempest’s End as well as a modest boost in reputation as a reward. An enormous battle flag & a white deer are usually there to symbolize each remembrance.

Memory Of Sorrow

The Northeastern region of Iki Island, in Thunderhead Cliffs, is where you can find The Memory of Sorrow. East over Yahata Lighthouse is the Thunderhead Cliffs, which have a view of the water.

Memories Of Dread

The Memories of Foreboding can be located south of the location of the previous memory and north of Yahata Forest. It can be situated on Iki Island’s Eastern side and is identified by a prominent shipwreck which forms an archway. In this flashback, Jin is forced to experience the father’s criticism while he speaks to the men and teaches Jin what he knows about making errors.

Knowledge of Kinship

The Memories of Kinship is located west of Cloud Forest’s Temple for players to find. A white tree designates the location of this recollection, which is within the Senjo Gorge region of the map.

Most difficult enemies of Ghost of Tsushima

It is safe to claim that how long the Ghost of Tsushima boss battles ranks among the best in recent memory. When you eventually see the boss who has been causing you difficulties in succumbing to Jin’s sword, you will feel a great sense of joy. They offer actual difficulty that does not receive frustration since you may die repeatedly.

Few boss encounters are as satisfying as a one-on-one duel to the death. As we pass through a list of bosses who will probably cause your trouble during your battle to reclaim your homeland, be prepared for some challenging boss encounters.

August 21st, 2021 update Ghost of Tsushima ps4 From Aden CarterThe Director’s Cut has helped Ghost of Tsushima to become even better. Players are introduced to the fictional island of Iki in this updated version of the game, which has been taken over by an additional Mongol horde led by The Eagle. An entirely new armour set, a tonne of goodies, and even new places to explore are all part of the DLC. Naturally, the plot would not be complete without facing fresh bosses. The number of duels that participants can engage in is seven. This comprises four competition duels in which participants can compete for rewards.


  • Appears in the mythical tale The Legend of Tadayori.
  • Prevent her quick combination assaults.
  • The Stone posture is the most effective against her.

Kaede will probably be found when you investigate the side missions. She was many players’ first encounter with a boss battle & the first boss who told them how difficult it is. She makes an appearance in the Legends of Tadayori myth, mistaking Jin for a criminal who has stolen a samurai’s sword and is attempting to take Tadayori’s armour. For the majority of players who have faced her for the first time, this fight is anything but simple. Thankfully, she isn’t the most difficult boss to defeat, although she puts up a fierce battle.

Tengu Demon

  • Fought in the story’s conclusion, The Curse of Uchitsune.
  • Simple to be overrun by attackers.
  • Uses bats to confound and disorient the gamer.

The game’s first boss encounter, the Tengu Demon, is a fantastic one but the Ghost of Tsushima ps4 is rather challenging. You have gained some technique points by this time & are on your path to becoming an outstanding swordsman, but you could still feel the want to acquire the fabled Uchitsune cursed bow.

Birds that surround the arena can prove to be a minor distraction throughout the entire boss battle. Like many other swordsmen, the Tengu Demon uses a variety of slashes and jabs, but he also has certain additional unblockable strikes that can occasionally get a little troublesome.

Spirit Of Yarikawa

  • Appears in the side mission Spirit about Yarikawa Vengeanceuses erratic
  • Slashing blows that can be challenging to deflect or dodge.
  • After defeating them, grants players access towards the Dance during the Wraith attack.

When you find out that someone asked how long the ghost of Tsushima and the ghost of Yarikawa to kill you in act two, if you are brave enough to look out for the soul of Yarikawa who has begun murdering people all over the place, you will be greeted with a fantastic boss encounter at the Gardens of the Gods.

Although the boss is dressed in a long, flowing white outfit and a headgear that will eventually be smeared with blood, we are all aware that this isn’t a spirit. This boss may occasionally unleash wild-cutting blows that can initially be challenging to deflect and dodge. Additionally, after you ultimately vanquish this “spirit,” you could be able to employ Dance of the Wraith as a perk.


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Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1) Are any trophies in Ghost of Tsushima missable?

Ans. There aren’t any Trophies in the game that players can miss, and none of them are correlated with difficulty.

Q2) How difficult is the Platinum Trophy for Ghost of Tsushima?

Ans. Even harsher is lethal. Don’t bother about changing the parameters or finishing Ghost of Tsushima on a certain difficulty as there aren’t any Trophies in the game tied to difficulty.

Q3) Is it possible to defeat the Ghost of Tsushima despite sinning?

Ans. For the most part, you can battle whatever you choose, yet there are several instances in the game where you practically have to be dishonourable and assassinate some people.

Q4) What is the Ghost of Tsushima, the simplest trophy?

Ans. Positive Beginning. The Promising Start trophy from Ghost of Tsushima: The Legends is the simplest to obtain because it becomes available as soon as you finish one Legend narrative. You might attack it alone or with a friend to see how well you do.


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