List Of Games Like Genital Jousting

List Of Games Like Genital Jousting

Genital Jousting – A penis named “John” needs to locate a date for his reunion with his high school in the story of Genital Jousting. Additionally, there is a flaccid penis and wiggly anus party game called Genital Jousting that supports as many as eight players simultaneously locally and online.

Single-player mode with complete narration Takes on the role of John, a jerk looking for someone to go out with for his secondary school reunion. He’ll require assistance along the way. He is delicate and shaky. He wishes to be tough, though. So challenging. He wants to display his astonishing rigidity to everyone. And he’ll do just that with your assistance.

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Genital Jousting can satiate up to a total of eight simultaneously and is available both locally and online. You can play online with penis games anonymously from anywhere in the world or round up a few willing players and cuddle up on a couch with controllers.

Traditional and Party Modes: Choose between the excruciatingly fast-paced Traditional Mode and the intensely competitive Party Mode, which include tasks including Double Delight, Trouble Intercourse, & Weiner Round Up.

To Be Or Not To Be

This text adventure penis game mixes the minigames with desktop pets gameplay. You can develop your favourite characters by simply clicking on the dialogue, completing mini-games to earn points that can be used to start new plots, or just hanging up.

Wanba Warriors

Are you capable of becoming a Wanba Warrior? Enter the bizarre realm of calligraphy fighting and get ready to deal damage with your selected harsh ink brush to anyone who dares to challenge you! I highly advise jousting games using controllers when playing.

RiffTrax: The Game

In the multiplayer party game RiffTrax: The Jousting game, players compete in rendering awful films funny. Are you capable of becoming the following movie-riffing genius? Laugh with your buddies as you watch a few of the worst films ever made.


Laser-welding spiders! Decide to pair up and repel hordes of ferocious opponents instead of engaging in a death match with your pals. Swing, stab, and shoot gracefully while making parkour moves fit for the big screen.

Super Chicken Jumper

Hardcore throwback platformer Super Chicken Jumper provides an engrossing and enraged gameplay experience. As a heroic chicken, you can assist Mrs. President in defeating powerful bosses across six distinct realms while dodging various hazards. Allow yourself to fight against penis game the mutant bosses by arming yourself with various tools and equipment!


  • Easy strategy. 
  • Vibrant aesthetics. 
  • Adorable graphics.
  • Playing together. 
  • Similar to Flappy Bird gameplay.
  • Numerous options.
  • Harsh challenges that are unfair. 
  • The basic idea with power-ups that alter the game’s direction.



  • A brutal learning curve and harsh mechanics will leave you continually wincing in defeat.
  • Some people may not enjoy the cinema.
  • It can be challenging to master the basic button arrangement at times.

Henchman Story

It’s not enjoyable working as a supervillain’s henchman. There are many late nights, and uncomfortable spandex, and your employer hardly ever recalls your name. But as you progress through this story, you’ll quickly learn that occasionally, even the decisions of the lowest henchman can have a profound impact.

The Jackbox Party Pack 7

The Jackbox Party Pack 7 includes five party jousting games that offer lots of variation and replay value. Play games like Champ’d Upward, Talking Points, Quiplash 3, The Devil’s & the Details, and Blather ‘Round while preparing to party with your buddies. Without a second controller, you may play via your phones, tablets, or desktops. Better yet, you can play the game from anywhere with any web-based device and video conferencing app. Save the fun for last!


  • The games Talking Points & Blather ‘Round stand out. 
  • With fantastic music and clay animation, Quiplash 3 is amusing.
  • Devils & the Details has cute art and is ridiculous but entertaining. 
  • Fantastic penis game set, suitable for anyone. 
  • Remote streaming and gaming are simple.


  • Champ’d Up lacks some of the games in the pack’s strength.
  • Quiplash 3 lacks creative solutions.
  • Costly for just 5 games. 
  • On a PC, Devils & details can be annoying. ●For some players, Talking Points might be embarrassing.

Move Or Die: Unleashed

The rules of the 4-player regional and internet party game Move or Die change insanely quickly—every 20 seconds. The epitome of a game that destroys friendships.

Rubber Bandits

In the funny party brawler jousting game Rubber Robbers, you can steal, smash, and scavenge for money while you flee the police and hit other robbers. RubberBandits is the best multiplayer heist game, with physics-based fighting, absurd weapons, and criminal personalities. See if you may turn into the ultimate Bandit by inviting your buddies!


  • Hilarity in a multiplayer setting. 
  • Easy to use controls.
  • Engaging gameplay.
  • Power-ups and silly sound effects. 
  • Having fun with buddies.


  • Matchmaking may take a while.
  • The gameplay can become monotonous.
  • The point system promotes quick escapes.
  • Not suggested for use in solo play.

Fling To The Finish

In the cooperative racing game Fling to the Finish, players are connected by a flexible elastic rope. Get close to your companion as you control two characters as they bounce, roll and fling their own way to the complete line.

What age range does genital wrestling cover?

The game, which has received largely favourable reviews, receives a rating of M for adults. Genital Jousting received a favourable review from GameSpew, which said, “While Genital Jousting clearly will not be for everyone, those who give it a shot will come across an inspired puzzle game similar to a greater sophomoric Untitled Goose Game.”

Where can I meet women who I enjoy playing video games with?

Utilize social media to its fullest. Find Meetup groups for people who gather to play games or engage in activities related to video games. Take your time getting to know the women at your first Meetup. Before the gathering, ask any person you find particularly attractive out on a date.


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