Full-Fledged Process of How to Play FreeCell Solitaire

Full-Fledged Process of How to Play FreeCell Solitaire

The game FreeCell is a computer game, which is fun to play. It is played with a single deck. As the game starts, the cards come on the screen facing up so that the player can make a move accordingly. 


The layout of the game cards: FreeCell game guide to beginners 

The game commences with the shuffling if all cards, which can be seen on the screen with face up. Eight cards are dealt six times over the tableau. The four cards left are dealt within the first four columns. There are six cards in the last four columns and seven cards in the first four columns. 



The target is to make four cells consisting of 13 cards, in ascending order.


FreeCell Rules

When you are willing to move a card under a particular card, you can move the card to the FreeCell. It is suggested that you should try keeping the Free Cells empty. Once the ace becomes visible, you can transfer it to the home cell. The top moat card of the tableau can be transferred to any column of the FreeCell of vice-versa. 


Moving a complete sequence: A Strategy for FreeCell Solitaire

  1. The entire series can be moved from the tableau to the four empty FreeCell.
  2. If you are willing to move for more than one card, then be sure that they are in the correct sequence, and also, they are if a different color.


How to play

The cards can be moved in the following ways:

  1. Column to FreeCell: you can place one card in a FreeCell at a time; there are 4 FreeCell. 
  2. Column to home cell: you have to make the building of the home cell in order. The home cell is complete when it includes 13 cards of the same suit from ace to king.
  3. Column to column or FreeCell to column: regardless of the suit, the card should be of different color in descending order.


Tips & tricks

  • You can ask help by pressing H if you are playing in windows O.S
  • In case you are unable to see the card, you have to right-click on it then move it down. Be sure what rank, color, and suit it has.
  • Always try keeping the FreeCell empty. This simplifies the process of moving cards.


FreeCell Strategy 

  • As all the cards are face-up, this makes the game different from other card games. You can be the winner if you use a proper strategy.
  • You have to search for aces and other low ranks cards which are lying under the other cards. It would help if you tried to move the cards within the tableau to free low-rank cards. 
  • The primary strategy is to keep the FreeCell empty. The more the FreeCell is empty, the longer you will stay in the game. But once you are left with one or two FreeCell, the survival in the game becomes difficult. 
  • Try to empty the column from the tableau, as it is considered more prominent tan an empty FreeCell. A blank column can be filled with cards of high rank. 
  • You have to make the column from high rank to low rank, with alternating colors. This sequence won’t block any card; as they are in descending sequence, they can be released afterward. 

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