Fuecoc, Crocalor, and Skeledirge’s Ideal Moveset in Pokemon GO

Fuecoc, Crocalor, and Skeledirge’s Ideal Moveset in Pokemon GO

FuecocoThe makers of Pokemon GO continually release new Pokemon for players to catch. Fuecoco is only one of several creatures from Paldea that was just introduced to the game. Crocalor and Skeledirge, two evolutions of the Fire-type Pokemon, have impressive PvP and PvE potential.

Fuecoco is available to Trainers during the A Paldean Adventure event via wild encounters, Pokemon GO egg hatching, and Research. It takes 25 candies to develop a Fuecoco into a Crocalor and 100 candies to evolve a Crocalor into a Skeledirge. Players may require guidance in choosing the monster’s optimum moves, even though they may face it in various ways. The most significant movements for fuecoco, Crocalor, and Skeledirge are discussed in this article.

The Fire-type fuecoco has a maximum CP of 1274 in Pokemon GO with an attack stat of 112, a defense stat of 96, and a particular attack stat of 167. The monster’s arsenal combines six moves with Fire, Dark, and Fairy types.

Fuecoco may use two Quick Attacks and four Charged Attacks. Only two attacks may get an STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus) advantage. When a monster develops, its power output rises, allowing it to do more damage with the same attacks.

Despite so many possibilities, not all fuecoco moves are intense. The optimal Fuecoco Pokemon GO move set consists of Incinerate and Flamethrower, which together do 6.32 damage. Incinerate is a Fast Move that deals 34.8 points of fire damage. It might activate the STAB bonus and increase damage in bright sunlight. As a Fire-type attack, this move creates 20 energy and does extra damage against Bug, Grass, Ice, and Steel Pokemon.

The Flame Thrower is a Charged Attack that costs 50 energy to use and does 84.00 damage. When used in bright sunlight, the STAB effect may significantly increase the damage done by Fire-type Charged Attack. Being a Fire-type move, Flame Thrower is especially effective against Bug, Grass, Ice, and Steel Pokemon.

The Ideal Pokemon GO Crocalor Moveset

It takes 25 Pokemon GO Candy to evolve fuecoco into the Fire-type Crocalor. The monster has a maximum CP of 2189 with a stat spread of 162 (ATTK), 134 (DEF), and 191 (STA). Its power increases dramatically with each evolutionary step, but its available moves stay the same. Two Fire-type attacks, two Dark-type attacks, and one Fairy-type attack are available to Crocalor; however, only two of them can deal STAB damage.

Bite and Flamethrower make up the greatest moveset for Crocalor in Pokemon GO, with a total DPS of 9.05 between them. The Dark-type Fast Move Bite contrasts with the Fire-type Charged Move with STAB potential, Flamethrower.

Bite is one of Crocalor’s attacks, and it does 6.0 damage and is of the Dark type. It creates 4 energy with each use and does more damage in the fog. Bite’s increased effectiveness against Ghost and Psychic-type Pokemon comes from its Dark typing.

Fire-based Flamethrower does 84.0 damage and costs 50 energy to use. When employed in bright environments, the attack’s damage increases. Damage from the Fire-type move is amplified against Pokemon of the Bug, Grass, Ice, and Steel types.

Pokemon GO: The Best Skeledirge Attacks

Skeledirge requires 100 Candies to develop from a Corcalor. It has a maximum CP of 3422 and is a Fire and Ghost-type Pokémon. Skeledirge has an attack of 207, defence of 178, and stamina of 232. It has access to two quick moves and four Charged Fire, Ghost, Dark, and Fairy attacks, three of which can hit with a STAB.

Skeledirge’s greatest Pokemon GO moveset includes Bite and Shadow Bomb for 12.80 DPS, despite the monster’s extensive attacks compared to its pre-evolutions. The attacks have the Dark and Ghost types. Therefore, they qualify for the STAB bonus.

Dark-type Pokemon in Pokemon GO may learn the Fast Move Bite, which does 6.0 damage and costs 4 energy. When utilized under hazy conditions, the assault becomes more damaging. The attack’s Dark-type increases its effectiveness against Ghost and Psychic Pocket Monsters.


Skeledirge has access to the Ghost-type attack Shadow Ball when it evolves. The staggering damage of 120.0 from this strike is well worth the cost of 50 energy required. In addition to doing more damage against Ghost and Psychic-type Pokemon, the move does extra damage during periods of low visibility. Shadow Ball’s STAB potential is activated when used by Skeledirge since he is a Ghost/Fire hybrid monster. The above-listed portion has described everything you should know about uecoco’s final evolution in detail. 


What makes Fuecoco superior?

Regarding raw numbers, fuecoco is a transparent offensive tank thanks to his powerful Special Attack to complement his high HP and Defence. Since most effective Fire and Ghost attacks are Special Attacks, this may be a devastating combination.

When should I develop Fuecoco?

If a Fuecoco lives to level 16, it will evolve into a Crocalor; at level 36, it will become a Skeledirge. If you attain these levels, it will develop on its own. However, if you use the auto-battle mode to level up the fuecoco, it will stop growing after it reaches level 16.

What is Fuecoco’s unique ability, if any?

Fuecoco’s stomach, back, tail and the bottoms of its feet are covered in bright yellow square scales. Even when heated, their scales feel warm to the touch. The scales can convert external heat, such as that from the heated rocks it rests on, into internal combustion energy.


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