Dragon Ball Super: Frieza Black

Dragon Ball Super: Frieza Black

Frieza Black -The Dragon Ball Super story about Granolah has many surprising parts, especially towards the end. Goku and Vegeta are fighting with some bad guys called the Heaters. One of them, named Gas, is trying really hard to get stronger. But just when you think things are ending, a very scary Frieza shows up with a new and super-strong power.

Now, the super-strong Frieza Black is the strongest in Universe 7. But some folks might be wondering how he got this power and what it means for the story ahead.

How Frieza Black Got So Strong?

In the past, Dragon Ball Super had some trouble finding new ideas, and it had to repeat old stuff. But in recent arcs like Moro and Granolah, they made the bad guys more interesting and powerful.

Frieza, the big bad leader of the Frieza Force, is one of the most famous villains in Dragon Ball. He got even scarier with his new Frieza Black form, which he used to beat a tough enemy that Goku and Vegeta couldn’t handle.

But people don’t talk much about how he got this power, and that’s something important to understand how strong he is now.

At first, it might sound strange to think that Frieza got so strong. Even Goku and Vegeta are surprised. Frieza admits it was really hard to become Frieza Black, and it took a lot of effort.

But the reason he could do it is because he found a special place called a Hyperbolic Time Chamber on another planet. He trained inside it for 10 days, but because of the special time rules, it was like 10 years of training. 

So, that’s how he got so strong in just 10 years, even though he had already trained for 10 years before during the Tournament of Power.

It’s not surprising that getting as strong as Frieza Black is really hard and takes time. The Hyperbolic Time Chamber helps explain this and lets the author make Frieza a big threat in the future.

Goku and Vegeta also need to get much stronger because of Frieza’s new power. Frieza said it’s strange that he got this strong in just 10 years inside the chamber. Even when Goku and Frieza trained before, they didn’t spend more than 3 years inside the chamber to get ready for tournaments.

How Strong Is Frieza Black?

Now, let’s find out how strong Frieza Black is compared to other forms and enemies we’ve seen.

Frieza Black easily beat Gas, who was believed to be the toughest enemy Goku and Vegeta ever faced. Frieza did it effortlessly and without getting tired. This is important because when Goku fought the first Golden Frieza, he had stamina problems. 

But it seems Frieza Black has fixed that issue, making us think he might be even stronger than Goku in True Ultra Instinct and Vegeta in Ultra Ego.

Frieza Black has become a big, strong enemy. He will be a major part of the next stories, and we expect Goku and Vegeta to become even stronger to challenge him. Dragon Ball Super has set up exciting future stories with Frieza Black’s power, and we know there will be more fights with him.

Some Questions

Which is better: Dragon Ball Z or Super?

Dragon Ball Z is better in many ways. It’s better at developing characters, creating exciting fights, structuring story sagas, having cool villains, and giving importance to characters other than just Goku. Super focuses too much on Goku, while Z did a better job with other characters. So, Z is better overall.

Is Dragon Ball Super or Dragon Ball Z first?

The Dragon Ball series started in 1984 with Dragon Ball. Then came Dragon Ball Z in 1989, followed by Dragon Ball GT in 1996. Dragon Ball Super came later in 2015. So, Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z were first.

Which is better: Dragon Ball or Naruto?

Both Dragon Ball Z and Naruto have their good points. Dragon Ball Z has famous characters and epic fights, while Naruto is great at developing characters and telling emotional stories. Which one is better depends on personal preference.

Who is stronger than Goku?

Jiren, a character from Dragon Ball Super, is often seen as one of the most powerful fighters in the Dragon Ball world. Many fans believe Jiren is stronger than Goku because of his incredible abilities and achievements during the Tournament of Power.


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