Best Personalities Of Fire Emblem Engage Romance

Best Personalities Of Fire Emblem Engage Romance

fire emblem engage romanceThese are the finest possibilities for players who want to romance particular personalities in Fire Emblem Engage romance.

It’s possible that Fire Emblem Engage romance and fire emblem engage characters did away with marriage for both the other units and the main character Alear. That doesn’t prevent the player from potentially developing a romantic relationship with some of the game fire emblem engage characters, though.

Participants are able to search for an S-rank partnership with any unit once they’ve unlocked the Pact Ring, albeit only a select fraction of them are truly thought of as romances. Even while there are still plenty of bachelors and bachelorettes available, these are by far the top candidates that players, whether they’re playing male or female Alear, should think about dating.


Alear and Pandreo have a really wholesome relationship. Pandreo aids Alear in comprehending their significance to the inhabitants of the continent of Elyos through the use of both the main protagonists and this priest’s supporters. Pandreo is well known for worshipping Alear, especially considering that he and his fellow priests adore Divine Dragons. Over time, though, this worshipping turns more amorous, and he is forced to acknowledge his feelings.

Pandreo confesses during their S-support that he feels Alear’s status and their own should restrict their love for one another. Alear is not pleased with this and wants to repay the favour by imparting knowledge to Pandreo a lesson about taking responsibility for his own feelings.


All of Jade’s supporters can tell that she struggles to express her emotions. It comes as no surprise numerous players are invested in winning her heart, despite the fact that she finds it difficult to express it. Alear is demonstrated to be just as committed as ever to attempting to assist others, particularly Jade when she is continually being persecuted by bandits. Despite the fact that she works with them directly, she is pleased to learn that Alear takes into account them being friends.

Alear gives Jade the Pact Ring, which strengthens their relationship and their S-support. Jade finds it difficult to express how much she cares particularly in this final exchange that ends their relationship.


Kagetsu stands apart from the other Fire Emblem Engage romance characters since he is from a remote location far from the problems that Elyos is experiencing. He is a very inquisitive Swordmaster who can’t help but ask Alear a lot of strange and intimate questions until Alear ultimately turns the questions around and answers them.

The player is surprised to learn that Kagetsu feels like their friendship is disintegrating after chatting about his family and beginning to spend all of their time combining the point they acquire S support. It turns out, though, that this is mere because the main character is worried that Alear may choose another person to receive the Pact Ring, doubting the depth of the main character’s affection for him.


While some players might find Goldmary’s arrogance repulsive, most can’t hold it against her given how hard she works to achieve flawless performance in every detail she does. Alear and Sarah have amusing support-related talks in which she begs Alear to stick around so they can see her cry in a cute and heartfelt way.

She can be somewhat dramatic, but her S-support for Alear is lovely and comforting since, for once, she doesn’t try to be flawless. Instead, she confesses her affection for Alear and expresses her desire that they will consider her to be the ideal companion, which is accepted by the main character.


Alfred support within the Fire Emblem.

Alfred is among of your first companions Alear makes after they eventually emerge from a thousand-year hibernation. To be the best buddy possible, Alfred sometimes goes somewhat overboard in their conversation.

Although their encouragement can appear somewhat amusing when Alfred, on the other, declares he isn’t adequate of being considered Alear’s friend. The central protagonist necessitates this to home and tells Alfred that despite not having to complete all the extra tasks that were bugging them, he is still the best. As this from reaching friendship turns romantic after Alfred confesses his feelings to Alear, their S-support comes to a healthy conclusion.


Although initially this I intimacy you the woman says immediately is partly because of her belief that she understands the primary subject as her deity, Ivy has perpetually been in admiration of Alear. This was the little act of disobedience she committed whenever she was much younger to distinguish herself from her kingdom’s Fell Dragon worship.

Alear and Ivy eventually become closer as they discover more about Ivy’s past, including the scheming she had to deal with as a child. By the time Ivy may be handed the Agreement Ring, gamers are guaranteed of having became in a relationship with her themselves. Especially when it can be apparent that the only thing she ever accomplished is to devote herself to safeguarding her sister while exposing up her emotions to others.


Being a former foe of the Heavenly Dragon Alear, it is not surprising that they frequently talk about how guilty Mauvier feels about his past deeds. Despite Alear’s best efforts to express gratitude for his role in keeping Veyle safe, he doesn’t think highly of himself.

Alear eventually teaches Mauvier the fact that he has the knack for forgiving himself since he is a nice guy and has opened his heart to Alear. As they become friends, Mauvier soon finds happiness and slowly starts to forgive himself. Eventually, Alear musters the strength to give Mauvier the Pact Ring so they can be together forever.


Despite being Pandreo’s sister, Panette along with her brother might have had a more dissimilar outlook on life. Due to the neglect of both of their parents, Panette fled and began to fend for herself as a fire emblem engage romance character. 

But as soon as she left, her parents also vanished, prompting her to start talking to Alear in an effort to learn what happened to them. Alear makes an effort to encourage Panette by assisting her in her search for them and by simply being there. Panette first tries to reject Alear’s attempt to finally confess their affection to her out of concern that she would end up like her parents, but Alear provides comfort with her that this is unlikely to be the case.


  • How does Fire Emblem Engage get its characters?

In Fire Emblem Engage, the player cannot miss the main characters because they are sought out automatically at crucial plot stages. The player character can be selected right away in the game. is a character who joins the player’s army by default at the very beginning of Chapter 1 of the game.

  • In how many characters does Fire Emblem take place?

In Fire Emblem Engage characters, a number of 37 playable characters, each of them has a starting class and nation of origin.

  • Are the characters in Fire Emblem Engage well-developed, explain about fire emblem engage characters’ development. 

Ivy and her sister Hortensia are two of Fire Emblem’s most admirable characters. They automatically engage due to their monopoly over the two flying mage classes in the game. 




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