Best Fan Made Pokemon Games 2023

Best Fan Made Pokemon Games 2023

FAN MADE POKEMONYou have come to the right site if you’re looking for the top Pokémon fan games. One of the most famous trademarks in anime & video game consoles is Pokémon. If you’re a fan of Pokémon, you undoubtedly already know that the franchise has a variety of popular games. Pokémon management is one of the most critical aspects of the game. Additionally, many games created by fans have used the dupe functionality to develop various games.

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The groundbreaking design of Pokémon games in recent years has influenced several follower-based games. Many games have various assignment levels that can help you progress towards mastering Pokémon.

Pokémon lovers enjoy and find great interest in the games. This post’ll discuss some of the best and, arguably, most well-known Pokémon fan games.

2023 Fan Made Pokemon Games

The basic idea behind many fan made Pokemon games is to capture Pokémon and use them in battle. A select few of them, though, creatively manipulate the formula. Other games distinguish themselves distinct from competitors by incorporating unique components.

In a way that occasionally is missed by officially sanctioned editions of the genre, these projects highlight the creativity and allure of the Pokémon property. It’s unIt’sunate that many fan-made games have become hard to locate. Because of NintendNintendo’ssive approach to protecting its intellectual property, numerous creators have been compelled to give up on their projects under the fear of legal action from the firm.

About 120 Fan Made Pokémon videogames are already available within the gaming brand. The intriguing universe and ideas of the Pokémon video game franchise inspire all of these fan-made Pokémon items. A variety of web resources, which includes Higher Ground Games & Technology Rush and Making Use Of, were used to create the list of the top Pokémon fan games & characters that is presented here.

Pokémon fans frequently express concern that Game Maniac’Maniac’spers hesitate to include novel elements and concepts in their video games. Although these games have changed dramatically over the past 20 years, development has been somewhat sluggish.

Pokémon Godra

Godra, one of the best fan-made Pokémon games, takes a different tack from most Pokémon video games by emphasizing the master rather than the PokémonPokémon and levelling. You can become a trainer of other creatures besides Pokémon as a player. With your Pokémon by your side, you can choose from various positions, such as Military General, Desert Area Controller, and Battle Commander Of A Party, among many others.

Godra is an excellent starting place for people unfamiliar with the series because it is essentially a Pokémon role-playing game. The number of Pokémon in the game spans numerous games and periods. In addition to the major maps, Godra contains additional locations with unique stories and goals.

Pokemon Uranium 

Every time someone came up with a game that included whole new Pokémon variations, players were eager to join it. This game alone has the new Nuclear Categories. One of the best fan-made Pokémon games adds a new degree of depth to the metagammetagame’sy complex design. Nuclear is incredibly effective even when used against types other than Nuclear and Steel, although it is useless against all other types save Poison.

The rest of the game is a typical Pokémon game. Along with facing off against gym leaders and capturing more legendaries, there was a significant core secret to discover. Sometimes not much is needed to liven up an arrangement that has remained motionless for far too long.

Tragically, Nintendo has noticed these Pokémon fan games because they have created a lot of attention since their initial release. The developers were eventually forced to stop development on the game when the corporation filed several DMCA complaints against them. It appears like a new game is still available online, but there haven’t any updates in a while.

Trainer Prism

One of the best Fan Made Pokemon games of 2023 is Pokémon Prism, based in the Naljo region. Players begin the game by taking control of the young dragon rider. He is currently riding a minecart when it abruptly loses power.

On an old trail near Najlo, it finally comes to rest. The fun begins as you overcome the challenges of collecting various emblems and Pokémon species. For each Pokémon monster you capture, you might get bonus money. You can use this money to activate a variety of in-game boosters.

Nintendo Clockwork

Any list of sanctioned Pokémon fan games must include this game; otherwise, the list would be pointless. The tiny hamlet of Rosari, wherever people and Pokémon cohabit, is the setting for the game, which includes elements of the Pokémon franchise. A legendary Pokémon Celebi, challenges you to a duel in this game.

Celebi informs you as it approaches that she has gone when they return to time to pursue a specific cause. Your goal is to stop the approaching catastrophe that lies ahead. The game adds new gameplay elements like time machine strategies and the use of dynamic Pokémon during combat.

Pikachu Reborn

It is not a patched-up version of a newly published game, Pokemon Reborn. A brand-new game was developed from scratch by applying RPG Maker XP technology. The gameplay section from any other Pokemon game that may have played is among its most remarkable characteristics.

It caters to a mature audience by providing a substantially broader universe and atmosphere and exploring several serious subjects. The authors have made an effort to make sure that the plot does not become unduly intense just for the benefit of surprise, even though this change in tone may appear unorthodox.

Pokémon Platinum Version Light

This game is ideal if you’ve wondered what would happen if you pitted vintage Pokémon against current ones. Based on Pokémon Ruby, this ROM hack adds many extra features. If they work hard enough, players can compete in two Pokémon tournaments, earn 16 gym badges, and even try to win the global championship.

In this game, becoming uninterested and running out of activities is difficult. One of the greatest Pokémon fan games that the series has to offer is Pokémon Light Platinum if you’ve you’ve through all authorised Pokémon games and still want for the classic Pokémon experience. It is challenging to put down since it achieves the ideal blend between nostalgic classics and new gameplay.

Pokémon Rejuvenation

From the developers of Pokémon Resurrection comes yet another fantastic fan-made Pokémon video game. Different graphic changes and comparable improvements have been made to the gameplay. However, the Aevum region, which was devastated by Storm-9, is the only source of inspiration for the games since that time; the population density has been rebuilding the landscape, as well as you, like the main character, will help them. This game will be remarkably similar to a Reborn franchise because it is quite lengthy.

3D Pokémon MMO

One of the rare 3D fan-made Pokémon games found online is this one. You can experience the most realistic gameplay possible with this game. Since its initial release in 2015, this game has received numerous updates. To keep it interesting, the engineers have already been working to incorporate new components.

In the best Pokémon fangame ever created, the player has the power to direct all of a Pokémon during a battle. Another exciting feature is exiting a particular environment, including a chaotic and unexpected meeting.

Phoenix Rising Pokémon

The location and storyline of Pokémon Phoenix Rising are continually changing due to the players. A dictatorial ruler rules a war-torn nation called Hawthorne. Instructors are tasked with searching the countryside for Ho-Oh, a legendary Pokemon thought to end the fighting and bring stability to Hawthorne.

Every action you do affects the result of the game or your relationships involving some other NPCs. Spending abilities in ability tree trunks will grant you several talents customised to your preferred playing style. Phoenix Rising also has new cities, Pokemon, and well-designed adventures. The activity is a sizable package that will keep you awake.

Trainer Xenoverse

A fifteen-person Italian team designed this game. Although the real fan game was initially created in Italian, it has since been converted into English as of 2021. A game that can be played for hours on end and is both engaging and well-polished, Xenoverse has become a fan favourite. A fully unique Pokémon journey with superb narrative writing and a wide variety of content is called Xenoverse.

The most recent DLC bundle from WEEDle Team was launched in December 2021, and more are coming. They also intend to make soon it possible to play online. There has never been a better chance of getting lost in the story and taking advantage of all Pokémon Xenoverse offers.

Pokemon Uranium

Pokemon Uranium, created with the aid of Pokemon Essentials, attracted much interest both during and after its release. Even the game’s original developers decided to give it up due to numerous DMCA takedowns owing to the attention it received. Over 150 new Pokemon may be found in Uranium, in the Tandor area.

Ten years after a nuclear disaster that killed their mother, the player takes on the position of an aspiring Pokemon master who sets out into the world. The game’s prominent feature is the advent of a Nuclear-type that’s incredibly powerful and ineffective against all other types. Various sidequests, a speech translator that enables players to understand Pokemon, a trainer test that evaluates the player’s ability with each of the three starters, and other elements are also intriguing.

Pokemon Phoenix Rising

Pokemon Phoenix Rising is an intriguing reinvention of the basic Pokemon paradigm while still in development. Gav is leading the initiative, and Pokemon Essentials is also utilised.

Phoenix Rising offers new Mega Evolutions & a multi-choice plotline and will take place within the Hawthorne Region. Relic Pokemon are also introduced in this game; depending on the player’s choice, they may receive Relic Koffing, Tentacool, or Skiddo.  Relic Pokemon is an intriguing feature of the fan project, offering a fresh perspective on old favourites, much like regional varieties do in the original games.

Final words

This concludes our ranking of the top fan-made Pokemon games. We anticipate that you will soon like these games. Simply comment below if you believe we missed any worthy game that should be included. We can’t get more information from you. Soon, we will return with more gaming content; in the meantime, have fun playing!


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Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1) What are the names of fan-made Pokémon?

Ans. Non-official Pokémon are referred to as fake Pokémon, sometimes known as fakemon or fakeémon (Japanese: Oripoké, from the original Pokémon).

Q2) Which fan-made Pokemon game is the most difficult?

Ans. Kaizo from Pokemon Emerald

There is currently Emerald Kaizo, which has been criticised as wholly unfair. In this fan-made version, merely under 400 Pokemon are available; however, due to the initial encounter rule, defeating the Elite Four and Nuzlocking without extraordinary luck is impossible.

Q3) Are you able to create a Pokemon fan game?

Ans. For the PC, several fans have created their own role-playing games, including Pokémon. One of the simplest methods to get going is to get RPG Maker XP and then install Pokémon Essentials, a free fan-made game resembling a genuine Pokémon RPG.

Q4) Who has more fans of the Pokémon?

Ans. The study indicates that Charizard is the most popular Pokemon, but one particularly puzzling aspect of its findings is that Pikachu appears to be completely absent from the list.


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