FALLING BALLZ : Another really easy idea from Ketchapp is Falling Ballz. Even though it appears to be quite basic, it is strangely addictive. Simply fling balls down onto the display to disassemble the many shapes. The catch is that your game is over as soon as the forms reach the topmost part of the screen. While keeping track of everything that happens is necessary, accuracy is more important than speed. 

To give you the best opportunity of living for an extended period to achieve a fantastic high score, we thought we’d help you by providing some excellent Tips, strategies, and cheats. 

Some of the Basic Tips 

  • If you’ve played similar games before, the Falling Ballz goal might be unclear. Although there is no instruction, you should understand everything quickly enough. 


  • The most important thing to remember is whether you need to take every precaution to prevent the highest pattern from rising to the most elevated display screen. That would mean the game was over. 


  • Watch the form that is highest upward and note what number it has. First, attack it, then progressively reduce certain aspects of health. 


  • Several times when it might appear advantageous to leave it for a little period. You know you can kill it with a single blow when it happens. 


  • The top shape is flashing? That indicates that the game is about to end. Make every effort to ruin it yourself for upcoming turns!


Making Effective Use of the Balls


  • You’re allowed one shot per turn to eliminate as many balls as possible. Towards an adequate amount of balls across the route to be damaged, aim towards the reticule. Physics takes some getting used to, but it’s not random. You must strike several balls rather than just one, which is vital. That’s just taking advantage of a good turn, plain and simple. 


  •  Look at the tiny white power-ups. These provide you with the right to an additional ball. At all times, you should strive for those. You can deliver more hits per turn, depending on how many balls you have. The long-run difference is enormous.


  • Although the circular forms are rather simple to strike, you should take special care with the triangles & squares. To flawlessly deflect things, Target them from all angles.


  • Think about trying to target your balls to the point when they alternate between two shapes, dealing a lot of damage quickly. When stages are busy or when there are many forms to deal with, this works especially well. If things turn out well, you’ll feel proud of yourself. Accept it.


Expert Advice


  • Use the ‘speed up’ button without hesitation. It won’t change how events go. Simply put, it expedites the process so that you don’t have to wait for a long time for your chance to finish. This will significantly impact the length of each turn, whether you’re working with large numbers or an abundance of balls.


  • A form has reached its peak. It’s ok. To keep playing, you can view a video merely once. Of course, it’s worthwhile, especially if you’ve been performing exceptionally well before.


  • Keep in mind that not everything in this situation is about time. Instead, what will help you is perfectly aligning your shots. Instead of working quickly, concentrate on spending your time while aiming carefully. You’ll soon notice that you’re settling into the routine.


In conclusion, the article has attempted to explain “ FALLING BALLZ”. I hope the language in this post is clear and understandable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1) How can I increase Ballz’s ball count?

Ans. Even though you frequently must spend 200 Rings to buy a new ball, you can occasionally earn some balls for nothing. Find both of the balls offered in exchange for a social media-like button in the Ball Shop to try out this alternative. You will obtain those balls if you have completed this.

Q2) How do fastballs function?

Ans. Fastballs are frequently thrown with reverse spin to maximize Magnus’s impact and the momentum it imparts to the ball. Due to this, it sometimes falls more slowly than anticipated and creates a deceitful effect known as a rising fastball.



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