Elden Ring: 11 Best Dragon Communion Incantations

Elden Ring: 11 Best Dragon Communion Incantations

There is little of a positive reputation for the Elden Ring Dragon Communion Incantations among the gaming community. The effort and time invested in obtaining them frequently leave players dissatisfied with their rewards. After all, defeating a dragon in Elden Ring (or any other From Software game) is no simple task.

While it is true that many of the dragon incantations elden ring available for purchase at the Church and Cathedral of Dragon Communion are not particularly impressive, some Incantations are pretty powerful and should be recognized for their efforts. Furthermore, since there is only one way to use a Dragon Heart, you could put it to use on something useful for your journey through the Lands Between.

Dragon Communion incantations gained popularity among players who wanted to keep their magic-based playstyles without wasting their Arcane, Faith, and Intelligence points after some of the builds preferred by Elden Ring players were nerfed in the many updates that have occurred since the game’s release. So if you’re looking for the greatest dragon incantations elden ring in Elden Ring, you can go as far as our revised list, which now includes a few additional incantations to accommodate a broader range of playstyles.

Putrid Smell

Scarlet Rot is, alongside Bleed and Poison damage, one of the most potent forms of damage in the game. While the damage dealt by the Rotten Breath Incantation isn’t particularly spectacular, it can help players overcome challenging encounters by infecting their enemies with the Rot. If you want to distance yourself from the fight as much as possible, this is one of the most effective dragon incantations.

Any player’s Incantation repertoire would benefit from the addition of Rotten Breath. It is particularly effective against challenging late-game bosses like Maliketh, the Black Blade and dispersing groups of enemies. In addition, it has a low (15) Faith requirement, making it usable for builds that don’t put a premium on that stat.

Rank Ten: Dragonmaw

Similarly to the last chant, Dragon Communion creates a dragon’s head on top of the player, which this time swiftly bites at any foes who go in its way. This inexpensive incantation, which costs just one Dragon Heart, comes very handy in the game’s early to mid-stages. However, it requires much more Faith than the Rotten Breath spell, making it a less desirable option for players who want to avoid putting a large portion of their skill points into that attribute.

Dragonmaw is a powerful ability for Tarnished with Faith-based builds since it synergizes well with melee strikes and allows for frenzied assaults to be finished off with a devastating dragon bite. This ability’s effectiveness increases with your Faith, and you must have at least 26 Faith and 16 Arcane to equip it.

No. 9: Dragonice 

Dragonice is another inexpensive dragon incantations elden ring that may help non-magic-oriented builds get the upper hand in combat by stunning foes and applying elemental damage.

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The user of the Dragonice Incantation sees their head transform into a dragon, allowing them to breathe freezing fire at their enemies. Dragonice is the best option for melee-focused setups who wish to dabble in a little bit of magic since it is far more beneficial against swarms of mob foes than giant monsters.

The Glintstone Exhale of Smarag

If you’re searching for aesthetically striking and powerful Incantations, look no further than Smarag’s Glintstone Breath. The user has propelled a short distance into the air and does significant magical damage to nearby foes.

This Incantation needs more Faith (23 points) than Dragonice or Rotten Breath, but its effectiveness in depleting the health bars of non-magic-resistant enemies makes up for the extra investment in skill points. When facing off against large or flying mobs, Smarag’s Glintstone Breath is also helpful.

Magma, Theodorix 

In contrast, to direct Fire damage, Magma Incantations are excellent at providing sustained damage to foes. For example, after killing the Great Wyrm Theodorix, you may buy the incantation Theodorix’s Magma for 2 Dragon Hearts. It causes nearby foes to move at a glacial pace, making it impossible for them to bridge the distance and do melee damage.

This Incantation is excellent for any STR/FTH build (one of the most common Elden Ring builds) and may be used against any boss or mob vulnerable to fire. The destructive magma being released from above is a bonus.

Greyoll’s Roar

Since Greyoll, the Elden Dragon found in Caelid’s Dragonbarrow does not directly attack the player, obtaining Greyoll’s Roar is one of the simplest dragon-specific incantations to obtain. Instead, Greyoll plans to rely on the five lesser dragons gathered around him to launch an attack on the Tarnished. To defeat Greyoll, the player must strike his tail until his health bar is empty; however, with the aid of Torrent and some manual skill, this is easily accomplished.

For players with Faith builds, Greyoll’s Roar at the Altar of Dragon Communion is well worth the expenditure of three Dragon Hearts. It launches an area-of-effect strike that damages adversaries, weakens their attack strength, and increases their vulnerability to the player’s hits for 60 seconds. You’ll need 28 Faith and 17 Arcane to equip Greyoll’s Roar.

Agheel’s Flame 

Agheel’s Flame is unlocked in Elden Ring by fighting a particular dragon, as with many other potent Dragon Incantations. The Flying Dragon Agheel is the appropriate adversary here. Located in Limgrave, this monster is not as challenging as some of the other dragons you’ll face.

This Incantation, when cast by someone of high enough Faith, is one of the most potent fire spells in the game owing to its excellent range and the fact that it spews flames from above, making it more effective against protected and high-poise foes.


Dragonfire is a Fire magic that, like Agheel’s Flame, transforms the user into a dragon. However, unlike Agheel’s Flame, this one doesn’t lift the user off the ground and has a slightly shorter range.

Although not as potent as Agheel’s Flame, Dragonfire is still the better of the two Dragon Communion Incantations. It can be acquired with a single Dragon Heart and has a considerably lower Faith requirement (15 compared. Agheel’s Flame’s 23). Although non-Faith-focused players may need help to make full use of it against bosses, it can be used to tear apart mob enemies.

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Mist of the Borealis 

While all of the attacks made possible by dragon incantations elden ring are impressive, Borealis’s Mist stands out as one of the most breathtaking “breath” incantations. It fires ice mist onto its foes, inflicting significant Frostbite damage. It’s a step up from the Dragonice assault, but it costs 23 points of Faith to equip.

The Freezing Fog, Borealis must be defeated on the Mountaintops of the Giants before the player can access Borealis’s Mist. His location is southeast of the Grace Site at Freezing Lake. He’s a formidable opponent, but those who have faced and conquered named dragons before should feel confident taking him on since his attacks are similar to those of the Decaying Ekzykes and the Flying Dragon Agheel. The Tarnished may purchase Borealis’s Mist at an Altar of Dragon Communion after slaying Borealis for 2 Dragon Hearts.

Second, Ekzykes’ Fall

After defeating Decaying Ekzykes, you’ll be rewarded with this Incantation; another Scarlet Rot spell far more potent than Rotten Breath.

It is because, like other Incantations with animal names, Ekzykes’ Decay causes the user to be lifted a short distance off the ground, expanding the region over which the spell’s effect is cast. Compared to previous Rot-based spells, Scarlet Rot’s more enormous, denser cloud of infection causes opponents to lose health alarmingly.

Placidusax’s Destruction, Number One

The Placidusax’s Ruin is the only dragon incantations elden ring that cannot be earned through the Church or the Cathedral of Dragon Communion. It is a potent late-game spell that enables players to spew Golden Breath from above. However, it can be obtained by trading the Remembrance of the Dragonlord to Enia in the Roundtable Hold.

This monster of a spell has 3600 control and may be directed throughout the cast, making it the strongest of all the Dragon Communion Incantations. It takes 36 Faith. Placidusax’s Ruin is one of those powerful Elden Ring spells that can settle most combat engagements within seconds, whether by melting down swarms of lesser opponents or by removing sections of monsters’ health bars at once.

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Are Dragon Incantations good in Elden Ring?

Mage builds in Elden Ring cannot function without access to dragon incantations elden ring. Faith and Arcane are crucial to the success of these Incantations. Furthermore, they provide numerous battlefield advantages.

What is the best dragon incantation seal? 

For this Elden Ring Faith setup, the Gravel Stone Seal is ideal because it increases the efficacy of lightning incantations. With that much damage, you’ll be okay with even Elden Ring’s most challenging bosses. The Gravel Stone Seal is available in the Royal Capital of Leyndell.

What should I spend dragon Hearts on?

The Dragon Heart is a non-edible Consumable Item that may be exchanged for Dragon-related Incantations at the Church of Dragon Communion. Those in Limgrave can visit the Church of Dragon Communion and exchange a Dragon Heart for the following.




What do Dragon Incantations do in Elden Ring?

While all of the attacks made possible by dragon incantations elden ring are impressive, Borealis’s Mist stands out as one of the most breathtaking “breath” incantations. It fires ice mist onto its foes, inflicting significant Frostbite damage.

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