The Elden Ring Divine Tower of Limgrave: Guide to Reaching It.

The Elden Ring Divine Tower of Limgrave: Guide to Reaching It.

This guide will help you to reach the Divine Tower of Limgrave.

Access to the Divine Tower of Limgrave involves the armed conflict with Godrick the Grafted and the movement towards the portal available within the Stormveil Castle. Entering the portal, you can now climb the Tower to the top, where the Great Rune will be revived. 

If you require exact information on the position and the enemies you will face, you will find detailed information below. And, without further ado let’s dive into the way to the Divine Tower of Limgrave.

Elden Ring: The journey to the Divine Tower of Limgrave 

As mentioned above, every major region in Elden Ring has a distinctive Divine Tower. In these towers, you have a chance to revive the Great Runes linked to particular main bosses. This allows for special features, increasing your performance levels while ensuring that your progress through the Elden Ring is more seamless.

Godrick the Grafted Defeat

Start your trip to Stormveil Castle and defeat all enemies there, including vital boss fights with Margit and Godrick. Your main objective is to kill Godrick the Grafted to get the Great Rune.

Explore the castle, following the progression of secrets in this linear location. Being on the right path will keep you from getting lost.

But as you progress, you will eventually meet Godrick the Grafted in an epic boss fight where he would bring challenges in his second phase, which may prove trickier if one does not watch closely.

After winning the Godrick battle, you will watch the type of Gostoc standing on the fallen boss who promises dialogues on freedoms and loss of domain to Godrick. After this, there is necessarily the possibility of shopping at Gostoc.

But the main attention is now directed at the acquired Great Rune. To activate and reawaken its power and set a path in Elden Ring go to the Divine Tower of Limgrave.

Search the Portal

After your overwhelming victory over Godrick, finding the entrance to the Divine Tower of Limgrave becomes your primary goal and there are various ways to arrive at it. Whether or not Gostoc opened the main door, always turn on the Liftside Chamber Site of Grace when exploring the dungeon.

Possibly having already accessed this spot previously, leave through this door and go south using the zigzag pattern to evade many enemies in the region.

It is essential to avoid such enemies since they are both numerous and random, some toting siege weapons such as ballista and flame guns.

You should continue your southeastern rush through the doorway, and when you advance, you will see a spot where you can choose to take the left or the straight option. Choose to go left to avoid a significant dog-shaped creature passing through the cavernous hall. In no time, you will find a Site of Grace at the Limgrave Tower Bridge that must be activated to further bypass the enemies.

Once you have the Site of Grace, continue on until you arrive at the bridge. Be very careful at this point; you will need to respond or avoid two melee Golems and one archer Golem. If you choose to battle, though, do so strategically, one-on-one, to avoid the imminent doom of being blown away by their unstoppable combos.

Having defeated the Golems, a small portal will appear on the side of the caved bridge. Investigate the portal in order to start your move into the Divine Tower of Limgrave.

How to Recover Godrick’s Rune?

When transported to the tower make your way straight to the impressive door ahead. Within, find a switch that, if one stands upon it, activates a lift. Ride the lift to ascend. When you get to the top, spawn the Site of Grace and move right, climbing the staircase.

You will find an unusual symbol between two fingers as you continue up. This symbol should be approached and interacted with in order to start the restoration process of Godrick’s Great Rune. 

A prompt will tell you that the restoration was successful and show the message “GREAT RUNE RESTORED”, and Godrick’s Great Rune will be added to your inventory.

Godrick’s Great Rune: Objective and Effects

Recognizing the advantages of the Great Rune, which worked perfectly, is crucial if it is activated. Restoring this mighty rune leads to a general strengthening of all your abilities. This passive ability is a powerful advantage that allows constant development in terms of strength without any necessity of active endeavour.

However, while the results may not be immediately apparent, the enhanced qualities play an important role in your overall abilities as you travel throughout your adventure.


The Elden Ring Divine Tower of Limgrave is an adventurous yet fulfilling process. The guide gives detailed steps for reaching the tower, activating the lift above it, and restoring Godrick’s Great Rune. The latter turns passive after successfully recovering it. All attributes get amplified, thus slightly boosting all the player’s abilities during the journey.

Investigating the complexities of the tower and opening its secrets creates tiers of dimensions to the gameplay. While climbing the staircase, opening symbols, and using the Great Rune, players not only move forward story-wise but also obtain upgrades which will be useful to them on their journey. The Divine Tower of Limgrave serves as a beautiful representation of the intricate world-building of the game that encourages players to discover more about what hides behind its walls.


Why can’t I get into the Divine Tower of Limgrave?

You can get to Limgrave’s Divine Tower once you access Stormveil Castle. However, you won’t be able to open the door until you’ve beaten Godrick the Grafted. After getting Godrick’s Great Rune in your possession, you can take it to the tower to restore it.

How many Divine Towers are there?

All Divine Tower locations in Elden Ring

Either way, six towers, some of which will take a lot longer to get into than others. We’ve laid them all out below in the rough order you’ll encounter them, as well as what Great Rune(s) they’re associated with (with one exception).

What does restoring a Great Rune do?

Restoring the power of a Great Rune will not make any difference, although you can now equip one while resting at Site of Grace, and it will be visible next to your health, stamina, and FP bars. To make use of the Great Rune’s power, you’ll have to find and use consumables known as Rune Arcs.

What Great Rune is the best?

Godrick’s Great Rune

With Godrick defeated, players can travel to Limgrave Tower Bridge to battle their way to The Divine Tower of Limgrave. Here, they will be able to restore the power of Godrick’s Great Rune and utilize its powerful ability with a Rune Arc.

Can you only use Divine Tower once?

The only way to activate Great Runes is by going to Divine Towers. These are separate from Remembrances, so by consuming a Remembrance and ignore the weapons and spells they offer, you can still activate Great Runes. It’s also a one-time process.

Is there a way to activate a Great Rune permanently?

To use a Great Rune, you will need to equip them at a Site of Grace and use a Rune Arc, which is a rare consumable item to ensure you can’t always reap the rewards. After using the Rune Arc, the Great Rune will be active until you die or switch Great Runes.


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