Cuphead The Delicious Last Course – CUphead DLC Bosses, Ranked By Difficulty

Cuphead The Delicious Last Course – CUphead DLC Bosses, Ranked By Difficulty

Cuphead DLC Bosses, the award-winning run-and-gun game developed by Studio MDHR, has become a beloved classic among gamers since its initial release in 2017. The game’s challenging levels, stunning visuals, and jazzy soundtrack have captivated players of all ages. Recently, Studio MDHR released a new downloadable content (DLC) for Cuphead, titled “Delicious Last Course,” which adds new levels, bosses, and playable characters to the game.

The DLC has brought new challenges and excitement for fans of the game. In this article, we will rank every boss in the Cuphead DLC based on their difficulty level, providing a comprehensive guide for players looking to beat the game’s toughest challenges. So, if you’re ready to take on the Cuphead DLC bosses, read until the end. Let’s start our discussion:

Some Cuphead DLC Bosses

King’s Leap 

The King’s Leap is one of the newest bosses introduced in the Cuphead DLC, “Delicious Last Course.” This intimidating adversary has proved a formidable opponent for players of all skill levels. Its intricate attack patterns and high mobility make it a challenging fight that requires quick reflexes and precise movements.

Each Cuphead DLC boss brings something unique to the table, and players must adapt their strategies to take them down. Whether dodging the King’s Leap’s powerful attacks, avoiding Glumstone The Giant’s crushing blows, or navigating the Moonshine Mob’s tricky terrain, players must always be on their toes.

Glumstone The Giant

Another tough contender in the Cuphead DLC bosses is Glumstone, The Giant. As its name suggests, this colossal boss looms large on the screen, making it difficult to dodge its devastating attacks. It’s brute strength and tough exterior make it a difficult foe to overcome, but skilled players will find a way to bring this giant down.

Moonshine Mob 

Moonshine Mob is another noteworthy addition to the Cuphead DLC bosses. This boss features a group of moonshiners who have turned to the dark side, becoming a formidable force that will test players’ abilities. With its fast-paced action and complex attack patterns, this boss provides a unique challenge that will keep players engaged. 

The boss in the middle of the game demands significant concentration and attentiveness from the players due to its sound wave attacks, which move in intricate clockwise and counterclockwise patterns, making it challenging to follow. However, those who successfully defeat this boss will have a higher chance of winning the game, as the next boss, an anteater, is not as formidable, despite its massive size. It is crucial to note that this fight includes a deceptive knock-out, and staying alert and observant is essential for victory.

Howling Aces 

The Howling Aces is another challenging boss in the Cuphead DLC. This aerial battle pits players against a group of talented pilots who will do everything in their power to bring down their opponents. The Howling Aces will push players to their limits with their lightning-fast planes and deadly attacks.

The Howling Aces is a particular challenge for players, requiring them to master the game’s aerial combat mechanics. Players must dodge and weave through the skies while avoiding the Howling Aces’ devastating attacks. Mortimer Freeze is another difficult boss, as players must avoid its icy attacks while maintaining their momentum.

Mortimer Freeze 

Mortimer Freeze is another icy foe players will encounter in the Cuphead DLC. This boss has a range of attacks that will test players’ abilities to dodge and weave. Its freezing attacks will slow players down, making it even harder to avoid its subsequent assaults. Players must stay on their toes if they hope to defeat this frosty opponent.

Esther Winchester

Esther Winchester is a deadly sharpshooter who has made a name for herself in the Cuphead DLC bosses. With her trusty rifle and sharp aim, she poses a significant threat to players. Her attacks are fast and furious, and players must use all their skills to avoid getting hit.

Esther Winchester is a master of marksmanship, and players must use all their skills to avoid her deadly shots. The Devil And Angel fight requires players to split their attention between two bosses simultaneously, making it a challenging and complex battle. Meanwhile, Chef Saltbaker’s kitchen provides a unique battlefield with boiling pots, flying food, and other hazards that players must avoid.

Devil And Angel

Devil And Angel is a unique boss battle in the Cuphead DLC, where players must simultaneously defeat a devil and an angel. The two bosses work together to take down their opponents, making this a tough fight that will test players’ multitasking abilities.

Chef Saltbaker 

Finally, Chef Saltbaker is the last boss in the Cuphead DLC, and it’s a showdown that players won’t want to miss. This culinary mastermind has turned his kitchen into a battlefield, and players must navigate various hazards to emerge victorious. With its challenging attacks and quirky style, Chef Saltbaker provides a fitting end to the Cuphead DLC bosses.

Overall, the Cuphead DLC bosses provide a new and exciting challenge for players who have already mastered the base game. With their unique mechanics, challenging attacks, and intricate patterns, each boss offers a fresh challenge that will test even the most skilled players. Whether you’re looking for a new challenge or want to experience more of Cuphead’s unique style, cuphead the delicious last course is a must-play for any game fan.

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How many bosses are in cuphead DLC

The cuphead the delicious last course, features a total of 8 new bosses that have been added to the game. Each of these bosses offers a unique challenge with its attacks and patterns for players to master.

What is the hardest cuphead boss with DLC

Regarding the hardest Cuphead DLC boss, opinions may vary depending on a player’s individual experience and skill level. However, many players have identified the King’s Leap as one of the most challenging bosses in the DLC, due to its high mobility and complex attack patterns. Other bosses, such as Glumstone The Giant, Esther Winchester, and Chef Saltbaker, have also been known to provide a significant challenge for players.

Can you play the Cuphead DLC bosses without playing the base game?

No, players need the base game to access the Cuphead DLC bosses. The DLC content is an add-on to the base game, and players must own the original game to play the new content.

Is the Cuphead DLC included in the original game purchase?

No, the Cuphead DLC, Delicious Last Course, is a separate purchase from the original game. Players must purchase the DLC separately to access the new content and bosses added to the game.

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In conclusion, the Cuphead DLC, Delicious Last Course, provides players with new challenges and bosses to face in the game. With eight new bosses to battle against, players must adapt their strategies and hone their skills to succeed. Each boss offers a unique challenge with complex attack patterns and abilities that require careful attention and quick reflexes to overcome. The middle boss, in particular, demands a lot of focus due to its sound wave attacks that move in intricate patterns. However, players who persevere will find success in the game. So, if you are looking for an extra dose of challenge and excitement in the Cuphead game, the Delicious Last Course DLC is a must-play.



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