COD Mobile Tips and Tricks to Win the Game

COD Mobile Tips and Tricks to Win the Game

Call of Duty (CoD) is one of the most popular game franchises published by Activision. The game is super amazing and a mix of action in both battle royale and multiplayer gameplay. Call of Duty is not a new game. It was first launched in 2003 and is based on a game set in 2003. However, CoD mobile was released in October 2019, and within the first week of release, the game attained remarkable success. 

Call of Duty is an amazing first-person shooter game series that is highly addictive and entertaining. If you are new to the world of CoD mobile, then here is an article about the call of duty mobile tips and tricks to help you become the master of the game. 

What is Cod Mobile? 

CoD Mobile is the mobile version of the popular Call of Duty game. It is highly entertaining, and in order to replicate the core spirit of the call of duty, the mobile version features maps present in the console version. One best thing about the CoD mobile is that it offers a futuristic approach with present-day vehicles and weapons. 

There is a wide range of modes to play the game on Multiplayer mode. Some of the versions include Team Deathmatch, Frontline, Search and Rescue, and Domination. In addition to this, the mobile version also includes the popular Battle Royale Mode. 

CoD mobile is different from other shooter games. You can do a lot of things in this game as compared to the other popular games. For instance, you get the choice to choose from different classes such as Medic, Scout, NInja, Defender, and more. 

In CoD mobile, the players can fly helicopters and shoot from them, making the game more interesting and engaging. The players can also drive different vehicles that have heavy machine guns attached to them. There is a wide range of features in the CoD mobile, which makes the mobile games love this game. 

Setting Up CoD Mobile in Your Phone 

Before knowing the call of duty tips and tricks for mobile games, let’s have a look at the Android and iOS requirements to install the game on your phone.

CoD Mobile Requirement for Android

In order to play CoD mobile on Android, you need version Android 5.1 or later. Moreover, your phone needs a minimum of 2GB RAM.

CoD Mobile Requirements for iPhone

To play COPD on an iPhone, you need iOS9 or later. You can play on iPhone 5s or upwards. Moreover, it also works on iPod touch (6 and 7 gen) and iPad Air. 

Device Storage Requirement

You need around 1.6 GB of storage in your mobile to install call of duty mobile and for mobile data. In case you exactly have the limit, your phone will not function properly. Therefore, it is better to keep around 2GB of storage in your phone so that you can play the game smoothly. 

Internet Connection Requirement

There is no offline mode in CoD mobile. It is a live multiplayer game, so you need an internet connection to play the game. Make sure to turn on your mobile data or stick to wifi to play the game.  

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CoD Mobile Tips and Tricks

If you are planning to play CoD mobile, then it is better to know about some CoD tips and tricks. These tips will help you win the game against your friends and be a master of it. 

Keep the Graphic Setting Optimum

One of the best CoD mobile tips to follow is to keep the graphic setting optimum. In case your device does not support the Ultra HD graphics and only contains low FPS, then it is better to change the graphic settings. 

Try to keep the graphics on medium or HD as it will help your phone to provide all the frames. Moreover, it will allow you to have a smooth experience. However, the advantage of playing at a higher FPS is that your taps present on the mobile screen will be registered rapidly in the game. It will give you an adequate advantage over the other players. It is always a good idea to manage your FPS at a better graphic setting as compared to the other players. 

Pick the Right Shooting Mode

Two different shooting modes are available in CoD mobile: Simple and Advanced mode. Whenever you play the game in simple mode and fix the pointer over the enemy, it will automatically fire without using your scope. If you want to play the game in advance mode, then make sure to keep the shooting settings in advanced mode. 

Nevertheless, if you like to play in simple shooting mode, always keep in mind that you will require advanced settings to successfully compete in the battle royale mode. One common issue when playing simple shooting mode is that when you point at the enemy only to find out what he or she is doing, the mode will automatically fire. In this situation, if you have a sniper rifle and you accidentally shoot at the enemy, then your enemy will shoot you when you are trying to load the second bullet. 

Opt for the Right Character Class

One best thing about Call of Duty mobile is that you get the liability to choose from different classes of characters. The game offers you six different classes from where you can have the character. The best CoD mobile tip to follow is to choose the right character. The six classes are as follows:


In this class, you get a grapple hook, which can easily hook to any surface, and you get the opportunity to grapple to the location. Moreover, the footstep noise of the ninja is muffled, so the enemies are unable to listen to his noise from a distance. 


This class provides you two special boosts. The first boost is that you get the liability to set up a medical station. It is like a circle present around the character that can help your teammates when they are present inside it. The second boost is that your character takes 25% less time in order to revive a teammate when he or she is knocked down.


This class also offers you two boosts. The first boost is that you can see the footprints of enemies for a longer duration. Second is the sensor dart that shows you all the players present in the highlights vicinity. 


The best thing about a defender is that he can place a flashing and transformable shield anywhere. Ge also gets a boost that provides him the capability to incur 20% less damage by all the ways except for the bullets. 


This class can launch an EMP drone, which can continuously perform EMP interference with the enemies. In addition to this, they have a boost that provides them augmented sight. It makes all the vehicles present in the 80-meter radius hostile for all the enemies.


This class has a toy bomb that has the ability to summon zombies. It can attract all the enemies present in its vicinity. The other one has the ability to boost the character to an anti-zombie ability. Moreover, it also reduced the zombie awareness distance in the game to 15 meters. 

It is essential to choose the right class in a squad game as all the strategies are based on the abilities of different classes. In addition to this, make sure you have a plan on how you want to play the game in squad mode. It is one of the best call of duty mobile tips and tricks to follow. 

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Make Sure to Upgrade Weapons Periodically

When playing the CoD game on multiplayer mode, you can use the weapon that you have. The weapon starts upgrading as you get more experience with the weapon. The upgrade will allow you to use your gun with different foregrips, sights, stocks, and magazines, which enhances the stats of your weapon. Upgrading the weapons will enhance your weapon and render you an advantage over your enemies. 

Use the Drones Wisely

In multiplayer mode, you get the liability to use the drones. One effect CoD mobile tip to follow is that you should use the drone wisely. Your character gets a UAV, drone, and a missile when you get a streak for continuously killing your enemies. The missile provides your adequate control over the screen, and you can direct it towards your enemies to kill them. One best thing about missiles is that they can kill enemies in a big radius. 

You can launch the UAV in the general direction of your enemy. The UAV will seek the enemies and kill them upon impact. A drone provides you the position of your enemy present in your RADAR. When you get this weapon, use them wisely when needed during the match. 

Use the Helicopters

The battle royale mode present CoD mobile allows you to use helicopters. Nevertheless, it is suggested to fly the helicopters when you are playing solo and not in a squad. When you fly the helicopter, the opponents can fire at it, which you can handle while playing solo. However, when you play in a squad, the opponents firing at the helicopter can add to the tension and crash the helicopter. The helicopter can help you reach the safe zone quickly when the zone in which you are present is shrinking. 

Opt for Using Boosts for Special Abilities

In multiplayer mode, you get awarded with boots as the player advances. The first boost will allow you to attain a magazine full of Ammon from the enemies’ bodies. It allows you to use your weapon adequately throughout the match. Otherwise, you will have to change the weapon to another one that your enemy has. 

Use Throwables Available

CoD mobile game has a wide range of throwables. You can use them apart from frag, stun grenades, and generic smoke. The right use of throwables can help you gain advantages when you are in a tricky situation and need to get out of it. The grenade offers an amazing twist to the gameplay, which makes them highly attractive. 

Glide in the Air to Avoid Damage

In CoD mobile, your character can glide in the air. So when you jump from teh height, you can glide and land safely on the ground. It will help you to incur no damage when you fall from a height. Moreover, it can also help you to get out of tricky situations that you face in a gunfight. 

The ability to glide is one of the most appreciated features. It keeps you from getting into a situation in which you can not reach the safe zone due to the presence of a straight cliff in front of you. 

Crouch and Slide

While running or sprinting, your character can slide as he crouches if you tap on the crouch. It will help you to adequately change your location after getting spotted by your enemy. In addition to this, it can also help you dodge bullets. In the game, you are also allowed to fire your weapon when sliding. It provides you with the ability to inflict damage to the enemy while dodging his bullets. 

Do not Try to Hide in Multiplayer

In CoD mobile, while playing multiplayer mode, you can not actually hide. However, you can din a building or corner to lurk in. or you can stay out of sight. In multiplayer, the two sides in the game are separated by the enemy who wears red flashes on the uniform. In this case, the camouflage does not matter as you can spot the enemies using red marks when they are hiding. Your enemies can easily spot you by UAV, so always remember that you are not invisible. 

Try Sprinting 

One best thing about CoD mobile is that you can print. It means you can move faster by tapping on the sprint button or sliding up the forward controller. There is also a menu option for “always sprint.” You need to use this option carefully and with caution. Sometimes it keeps you from stopping as accurately as you want, and you might run into your enemy. However, when using a shotgun, sprinting is a good option as you can easily sprint and spray.

Learn to Use Scorestreaks

In CoD mobile, scorestreaks are highly powerful. You get three slots, and you can fill them with anything from a killer drone or a VTOL gunship, which is an amazing game finisher. One thing to notice is that, some of them are AI guides, and others have manual control. For instance, you need to guide the predator missile to where you want to hit. On the other hand, you have to just place the sentry gun, and it will cut down the enemies when they come near the corner. However, it can also be damaged by enemy fire. In order to activate scorestreak, you have to get mixed with your enemies and then take some scalps. 

Wisely Use The Smoke Grenades

One of the best call of duty mobile tips and tricks is to use smoke grenades. In case your enemy pins you down, you can use the smoke grenade to getaway. Or you can also use it in case there is a sniper in the building, and you can not get to the room, then drop smoke to provide you cover and grab the gun. It is also beneficial in Domination when you are trying to capture a location. It keeps the enemy from seeing you. 

Use Secret Passage in Hijacked Map

If you are playing the game on a Hijacked map, then make use of the secret passage. You can use the passage through the boat, and it will take you from one corner to the other. It can also help you to reach behind the enemy so that you can easily even up the score. All you need to do is head into the cabin and find a hole in the floor. 

Final Words

Call of Duty or CoD mobile is a highly engaging and entertaining mobile game. This one shooter game allows you to choose characters from different classes, fly helicopters, use grenades and guns to compete with your enemy. If you are new to the world of CoD mobile, then it is essential to understand the game properly and then start playing it.

Following the right CoD, mobile tips and tricks can help you become the master of the game and defeat your enemies. Now enjoy the game, and do share your experience with us by dropping a comment. 

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