Hogwarts Heritage: The High Keep Battlement Climbing Guide

Hogwarts Heritage: The High Keep Battlement Climbing Guide

Climb the battlementsIn the High Keep task, you’ll meet Natty in Falbarton Castle, located north of Hogsmeade. Normal climb the battlements, with the added difficulty of reaching the battlements due to a problem involving the castle’s main gates in Hogwarts Legacy. 

A detailed tutorial on how to scale the parapets.

Hogwarts Legacy protagonist ascending the battlements

Head towards the opening of the short wall, and then turn right. The route will lead you to a wooden scaffold that leads to a breach in the castle’s walls. If you take a left, you’ll come to a locked gate. To unlock the gate, use Depulso on the left turbine.

A protagonist uses her Accio spell on the turbine.

Use Accio to lift the container and carry it to the wall in front of where you climb the battlements. You may make the box float in the air and rise by casting a Levioso spell using your Wingardium Leviosa power.

Levioso is a crate-casting character in the Hogwarts Legacy series.

Go through the doorway on the left and continue straight until you reach the marked wall. You can’t move this box, so use a damage spell for instance Confringo to smash it and expose a crawl passage leading to another crate. Keep going around the tower’s left side on the wooden path until you reach a building with a damaged window. Put Accio out the window, and the container will be moved out of the way. 

Hogwarts Legacy character shifter

You must retrace your steps and enter the chamber through the crawl space. A key to unlocking the gate may be found within. Use Depulso on the left turbine.

Hogwarts Legacy: Character Unlocks Main Gate with Battlements

Cast Accio using the pulley on the gate mechanism to keep it open after the gate is wholly raised; this is a long way up, so keep your eyes peeled.

Accio, pulley, and a big gate opening in Hogwarts Legacy

Natty is coming over to hang out. Follow the cutscene’s instructions and climb the battlements before you reach the next ledge. There’s a box in front of a doorway. Please put it in a floor hole with the help of Depulso. You must descend the stairs directly and use Accio to get the box from the damaged steps to the ledge. Reach the bottom of the stairs and use Levioso box there. Make the jump to the next level.

A Hero Scaling the Edge

The path to the roof is evident from here; the only obstacles are a handful of closed doors.


Where in Hogwarts History Are the Castle Walls?

North of Hogsmeade, near Falbarton Castle, are the battlements. The battlements are encountered during the High Keep quest, in which the player aids Natty in her search for an incriminating letter that will aid her in her attempts to eliminate Rookwood and Harlow.

How do you unlock the main gate when completing the High Keep Quest of Hogwarts Legacy?

Cast Depulso to the left on the turbine of the main gate multiple times to raise it during The High Keep quest in Hogwarts Legacy. Then, have Natty come through the gate and join you by instantly casting Accio using the pulley above the gate to keep it open.

Can your broom be used to reach the parapets above the battle?

There is no way for you to use your broomstick to go around this time. You’ll need to figure out how to get up there. This helpful manual will be of great use.


You must scale the castle walls in search of a letter leading you to the truth about Harlow and Rookwood’s dark dealings. This tutorial has shown you, step by step, how to solve the challenge and climb the battlements with ease. 


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