Star Wars Jedi Survivor: Chamber Of Connection

Star Wars Jedi Survivor: Chamber Of Connection

Use this walkthrough to learn more about the chamber of connection and find its hidden treasures. Players of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor may find a location known as the Chamber of Connection as they travel to different worlds. It’s one of the Jedi Temples, therefore, it probably has some stuff you want.

Annotated Contents

This manual will serve as an outline of the chamber of connection and its contents. You’ll need some practice to master the game techniques needed to explore the region. Discover what they are, will we?

Prerequisites Players will need certain skills to successfully explore the Chamber and get all of its loot. The combination of Cal’s double leap and dash ability allows him to land on previously inaccessible surfaces. The Dash is activated by hitting the forward key bind during a leap or double jump. The second time a player visits Jedha, they will get access to this skill.

In addition, the Koboh Grinder is required. When you reach the Devastated Settlements goal on Koboh, you’ll get access to it. The Koboh Grinder ability is granted to BD-1 in a cut scene triggered by interacting with a container coated with the substance.

The BD-1 robot may spray Koboh matter on any black-coloured obstructions it detects. Its path begins at the purple laser and ends at the jam. The bulk will spontaneously combust upon touch, clearing the way for you.

Location of Interconnection Chamber

North of Koboh is where you’ll find the famed Jedi Temple. You’ll locate the chamber of connection not far from your chosen meditation spot in an area known as Viscid Bog.

Take the zip line that leads you closer to the ocean, and you’ll soon find yourself at the entrance. There’s another line that runs perpendicular to the first, and you’ll need to time your leap just right to land on that one and keep going.

When it ends, leave it and approach the opening beneath the large rock. You can use your grappling ability to climb up to the ledge before you, provided you are facing it. Take a lift to the top floor, where you’ll find the chamber of connection.

Finding the Answer

Ground Level

You’ll find a rectangular tile that lowers when you tread on it in the middle of the Chamber of Connection. The gates in front of the tile reveal a ball when someone steps on it.

When you enter the  chamber of connection, the first thing you should do is use the ball.

To get it, Cal recommends using his Force Pull ability. Turn around 180 degrees and drop the ball into the slot. A purple laser will shoot out to activate BD-1’s Koboh Grinder ability.

Here the Koboh matter path officially begins

Locate the dark mass by following the Koboh Matter trail to the left. Join it to the route, and go along the wall until you reach another one. The obstruction will be destroyed by the flames, allowing you to proceed.

Follow the blazed-open passage you made by removing the first obstacle. You can get to the summit if you turn right and climb the wall. Keep going straight and you’ll get there. Take advantage of Cal’s massive leaps with his Dash ability and make it over.

If you walk on two plates that have been placed on the floor, the walls will shift. To slide the wall, begin by stepping on the tile on the left. Take a look at the ground to see the purple laser. Make a way for the Koboh Matter to travel with the help of the Koboh Grinder.

To the right, follow the route on the wall and climb up on top of the movable wall. To move it even more to the right is the general aim. To keep the sliding wall in its current location, we shall step off the tile and to the right.

Don’t lose the thread and make sure you’re on the correct plate. When working with a second sliding wall, use the same procedures. Furthermore, the mass we had to burn will be linked to the Koboh Matter path.

Heading Up The Chamber Of Connections’s Stairs To The Second Level

Upper Level

This will provide access to a new section of the chamber of connection itself. Take caution as you walk along the narrow ledge and leap to the top of the wall. Take a left and you’ll come upon another black blob that has to be destroyed.

To leap, go to the end of the route and turn right. On your left is a golden gate you must keep open until needed. In addition, be sure to face the laser below as you reach the end of the hallway.

Jump down to the laser and guide it to the golden gate to proceed. You may resume your journey through Koboh Matter by using the Koboh Grinder. Please use the first available door on the left side of the room.

Proceed up the left-hand set of steps and around the corner. Hold the trail by the ball holder on the upper level at the entrance. Grab the ball from the lower holder and move it to the new one using Cal’s Force Pull ability. Doing this will make a passage for you to go on your journey.

Walk over the makeshift bridge and up the steps. Set fire to the pile we spoke about so you may explore the rest of the Jedi Temple. As we wrap up our time in the Chamber of Connection, I ask that you please traverse the scorched area and get some objects for your collection.

Chamber of Connections’s Final Chamber Explored

Locating and Appreciating Collectibles

Initial Reverberation 

Take an immediate left as you reach the chamber of connection, and stick close to the wall where the lights are located at the base. In the third act, the Homesick Force Echo becomes perceptible to the player.  

Echoes of Force, Collected

The Koboh Matter path will unblock a space where a chest will be waiting on the bottom level. The Persistence Emitter is a purely aesthetic addition to your lightsaber arsenal.

Recovery of the Chest Persistence Emitter

Jump up to the top of the wall and past the first burning obstacle. Treasure hunters should look in the nearby corner for a Datadisc.

Emotional Reverberation

Jump up onto the wall and turn left to get the Insolence or Bravery Sense Echo after you have reached the upper level of the chamber of connection through the narrow route. 

Sense Echo, the Third

When you’ve gathered the second echo, turn right and cross across. Near the bright spots on the left wall, players will hear an echo from a Mind Challenge.

A Reverberation of the Inner Ear

After clearing the obstruction on the upper level, the last chamber in the Chamber of Connection will be unlocked. A Private Doubts Echo may be found in the top left corner.

Gain for Recuperation

Your last task in this Jedi Temple is to activate a new perk in the same area as the Private Doubts Echo. The Recuperation Perk raises the threshold below which your Force Metre begins to replenish.

In Conclusion

As for the chamber of connection jedi survivor, that’s all there is. It’s vital that you have the two exploration-related skills unlocked. The problem is challenging, but you may progress by following the instructions. 


In Jedi Survivor, how do you clear the Chamber of Connection?

Proceed to the pressure plate at the room’s front and place your foot on the orb. An orb will be exposed if you do this. Place the sphere in the coupler at the room’s entrance. Doing so will produce a laser that may be used to destroy bulk objects in the area with your Koboh Grinder.

Where is the last remaining Jedi from the Chamber of Connection?

In Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, the Viscid Bog on Koboh is home to a Jedi Chamber known as the Chamber of Connection.

Which previous film does Jedi Survivor follow?

Five years have passed since the events of Fallen Order in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. The protagonist, Jedi Knight Cal Kestis (Cameron Monaghan), is running from the Empire and must find a haven.


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