Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Love gaming? Are you a gaming enthusiast? If yes, then this article is for you. Call of Duty series of games is world-famous among hardcore gamers and non-gamers both. The upcoming version, Call of duty cold war, is the sixth installment of the black ops series. It is something you all will love. 


In the article, we will tell you all about the Call of duty cold war. You will find the plot, campaign, development, multiplayer, and everything else regarding the Call of duty black ops cold war. This game, with its realistic graphics, will make you go crazy for it and buy it straight away. 


When Will It Be Available?

Call of duty: black ops cold war is a shooter game that works on a first-person basis. It is developed by Raven Software and the Treyarch studios. It will be published by the famous Activision in the market. 


This new version is the seventeenth part of the game series Call of duty. It will be available in the market by 13 November 2020. However, the crossplay beta weekend is scheduled to run from 10 am PDT on October 15 till 10 am on October 19. 


What To Look For in Beta?

The new Call of duty cold war will feature a mix of new graphics and maps, alongside the new modes and playlist. In the new version, also like the older version progression system is in use, and players can unlock new content by gaining XP.


What is more interesting is that the players will receive an SMG weapon when they reach level 10 in the Beta. Players will receive this weapons blueprint at the launch of the game. A weapons blueprint is a variant in the family of weapons within the game. The blueprint weapon comes with its own name and difference on cosmetic levels. 


In some cases, the blueprints of the weapons may also come pre-equipped with attachments, which allows the players to use them without the need to level it up for new attachments.


Plot Of the Call Of Duty Cold War

The plot of Call of duty cold war is laid in the cold war during the cold war heights in the early 1980s. The game follows the journey of a CIA officer named Russel Adler, who is given a task to protect the United States of America. 


In the game, the CIA agent pursues a soviet spy who is known by the name of Perseus. The Soviet spy in the game tries to tilt the power balance during the cold war towards the soviet union. The CIA agent is shown to bravely follow and try to stop the soviet agent from doing so and protect the United States. 


In the new game plot of Call of duty cold war, players will have new modes for the game, a set of new customizations, along with new elements and dynamics of the map. 


Gameplay In The Call Of Duty Cold War

The gameplay in the Call of duty cold war will be one of the best in the black ops series of this game. This version, with its superior graphics and customization along with new maps, will be one of its kind that you will love. 



The campaign of this game is laid during the early 1980s of the cold war era. What’s more interesting is that the game follows the actual events which took place during the cold war. In this new game, the campaign attributes locations like Vietnam, Turkey, East Berlin, and KGB headquarters. These new locations on map and graphics will be something astonishing in itself. 


During the cold war era in 1981, the president of the United States, Ronald Reagan, came to know about the Perseus. The president also comes to know about the soviet conspiracy and it leads him to authorize a black op under the command of CIA officer Russel Adler. The Russell and his SOG team in the game then set out to stop the conspiracy and counter the Perseus. 


In the game, CIA veterans like Alex Mason, Jason Hudson, and Frank Woods will also be there. These veterans will be featured in the game with the main character, which will be only known by the name of ‘Bell.’


One awesome thing about the new Call of duty cold war is that it allows players to create their own characters. In the game, players can make their own custom player using different skin tones, genders, various personality traits, and ethnic backgrounds. This option of customization will be an in-game perk for the gamers. 


What’s more interesting is that the game-ending is not prefixed, and it depends on the player choices they made during the campaign. 



The new Call of duty cold war features returning and new modes for the game. The new version with new maps has options for both the old 6v6 format and a large 12v12 format for combat. 


One interesting thing about the new Call of duty black ops is that it also gives you a new option for ‘fireteam’ game mode. In this new mode, the game can support players up to a count of 40 players. 


In the create-a-class function of the game, the things are the same as modern warfare but with two significant differences. The new version has field upgrades as a part of the class Loadouts, with each class having an option for wild cards for more predominant attachments. This new option gives more perks, new and more grenade weapons, along with the option to mix and match any weapons/perks in the type slots. 


Cross-platform playing support, in the new call of duty cold war, is an awesome addition to have more friends in the team. This new addition will allow you to play your Call of duty on a Playstation 5 with your friend on an Xbox. 


One more great thing about the new version is that the progression system for the multiplier will now be fused with the Call of duty war zone. This new integration means that weapons and gear in which the players unlock in the cold war will be available in the war zone and the other way round. 



Call of duty cold war zombies attributes a new story. The new storyline’s title is ‘Dark Aether’ that will be an expansion to the initial Aether story, which concluded in the fourth version of Black ops. It is done while trying the main portrait of the campaign. 


In the new version, players can choose from characters and don’t have to play a predefined character. Players have an option to choose from characters who are part of ‘Requiem,’ which is the codename for the team made for response by the CIA. The CIA team for response in the game is congregated by Grigori Weaver. 


Loadout and progression in the game are shared with the zombies, as players can choose from many weapons to begin a zombie match along with the scorestreaks and upgrades in the fields. In inclusion to this, remit mechanics like that of the mystery box, well buy, pack- -punch, and favorite perks for past fans. 


What is more interesting is that in the new Call of duty cold war version, players have an option to ‘exfil’ the map. This option will put the players into difficult waves with the increase in enemy spawn. Thus, the players will need to survive the new spawn before escaping in the game. 


In the games, collectible intel is spread in the game map, which allows the player to unfold the story in the game as they progress. 


Development Of The Call Of Duty Cold War

The Call of duty cold war game is developed by Raven Software and Treyarch studios for Activision. On May 18, 2019, Kotaku reports said that the game was in turmoil as the two developing studios, Sledgehammer Games and Raven Software, were in conflict. 


Some reports also said the game was a ‘mess’; however, later, the Activision gave the responsibility of game development to Raven Software and Treyarch. The game, which is to come out on November 13, 2020, is the work of these two studies. The transfer of responsibility for new studies leads to a shorter game development period.


In the new partnership between the two studios, the Raven Software made the Single-player campaign while the other made the multiplayer. Source



In the article, we have put together every information you would want to know about this all-new exciting game. The graphics, developers, Beta, and everything else which you may want to know are in the article. 


You will also find the storyline and plot along with the campaigns and what the game offers on the multiplayer level in the article. 


What do you think about this new game? Please do let us know in the comment box. 


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