List Of Bloxburg Outfit Codes

List Of Bloxburg Outfit Codes

Bloxburg stands as one of Roblox’s popular games, developed by Coeptus. It offers players an open environment where they can freely explore the city of Bloxburg, socialize with friends, collaborate on projects, and unleash their creativity by designing and constructing their dream houses.

In Bloxburg, players can enhance their appearance by utilizing Bloxburg Outfit Codes, numerical codes that allow them to change their clothing style within the Roblox platform. This post aims to provide helpful guidance on achieving a stylish look in the game.

As a simulation game, Bloxburg immerses players in a virtual world where they can engage in various day-to-day activities. The gameplay resembles The Sims, where players assume control of their characters, attend to their needs and emotions, customize and build their characters’ homes, develop skills, and earn money by taking on jobs.

The primary objective of Bloxburg revolves around creating architectural marvels and constructing expansive houses within vast plots. Players navigate through different stages of house construction, including building basements, mailboxes, pools, floors, roofs, and walls. Once a home is successfully built, players can embellish it with beds, electronics, furniture, and essential kitchen items to bring their vision to life.

Bloxburg Outfit Codes

In addition to staying busy with your character’s daily activities, it’s important to take care of how they look. The game offers a variety of outfits that allow you to express your personal style. You can try wearing outfits that don’t match to create a funny and unique look. If you’re looking for some great outfits, you can find a list of them along with their Bloxburg Outfit Codes in the section below. These codes can help you discover some fantastic clothing options.

Bloxburg Outfit Name Bloxburg Outfit Codes
Hu tao mains shirt 5540029154
Hu tao mains pants 5540041252
UGC Pants 4962722078
Hu tao mains hat UGC 6502214579
Scftberrys side bag 6309571899
Scftberry hair 6285513045
Scftberry shirt 5552841806
Scftberry pants 5476629242
Scftberry blonde hair 6276885993
Scftberry yellow shirt 6460235414
Scftberry glasses 4753645975
Scftberry long brown hair 6384803846
Scftberry blue pants 6460237302
Aesthetic hair 5802211087
Scftberry light blue shoulder bag 6201843472
Aesthetic pants 6083133215
Aesthetic shirt 6613693241
Aesthetic face 494291269
Aesthetic glasses 4753645975
Cottage core shirt 5960466116
Aesthetic purse 5104122288
Cottage core pants 5651559025
Cottage core flowers 6384553401
Cottage core elf ears 6338947898
Cottage core hair 5858867347
Cottage core hat 5830798662
Purple aesthetic pants 4610538955
Purple aesthetic shirt 6232828059
Purple aesthetic hair 5860187340
Purple aesthetic purse 6202416454
Vintage nike pant 4932857389
Vintage nike shirt 5522050382
Pink glasses 562387457
Vintage nike hair 4821491385


What are the Outfits in Roblox Bloxburg?

In Roblox Bloxburg, outfits refer to the clothing combinations and styles that players can customize and wear for their characters. Outfits are a way for players to express their personal style and create unique looks for their characters within the game. Players can mix and match different clothing items, accessories, and hairstyles to create their desired outfits. These outfits can range from casual and trendy to formal or themed, allowing players to showcase their creativity and fashion sense.

Appearance as per the age (height)


In the game, players have the option to choose a baby character. When playing as a baby, the character will be much smaller compared to the kid option. Instead of walking, the character will crawl around. However, there are some limitations as a baby character. Players won’t be able to do certain activities like cooking and other essential tasks. But the advantage is that players can use special baby-related items available in the game.


After the baby stage, players can choose the next age option where their character grows a bit. In this stage, the surface becomes smaller than before, with some limitations. Players won’t be able to do certain things like working or driving in this age option.


One of the most famous stages in the game is being a teenager, which comes right before adulthood. When players choose the teenage option, they can enjoy all the same features as adults, but their character will be slightly smaller than an adult character.


If you want to unlock all the features in Bloxburg, you need to be an adult. Being an adult grants you access to all the available features and it also allows your character to reach the tallest height possible in the game.

How to enter Promotional Codes for Bloxborg outfit?


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