Best Tycoon Games To Play During The Holidays

Best Tycoon Games To Play During The Holidays

Who says business cannot be fun? Even though businesses have a tight set of rules and require strict management in the real world, it can be fun in video games. If you want to play some of the best tycoon games online, this list will not disappoint you.

We have put together various types of management games to satisfy every type of player. All the management games are super engaging and fun, and you will not even feel guilty about spending so much time.

Best Tycoon Games To Play Online

We have listed some of the classic management and building games that you can play on PC and even on your phones.

Game Dev Studio

There are plenty of tycoon games available online by various game developers, and chances are you might have played some of them. However, Game Dev Studio offers a bot of the mix, unlike other tycoon games. This game offers the ability to expand at your pace and deliver an assortment of content. 

Instead of hiring employees to craft the game, you have the full scope of deciding your project’s scope on your own. The game development team continues to deliver regular updates to ensure everything in the game works fine. Updates also keep adding new content for the players that can be used within the game.


There are different types of management games; some are about building while others are about people. RimWorld is a management game about people featuring homespun wooden structure and bird’s eye perspective. The survivors of a plane crash have landed on an unknown world and are trying to survive in a hostile place.

The game features AI-driven personalities, their limitations, preferences, hobbies, fears, and relationships. Every colonist has a mind of their own, and you will have to learn it really well. The personalities of every character even come to use with the choice of “storyteller,” an AI dungeon master who has control over nature and the space of disaster you will face. Watch out for crop blights, vomiting chickens, exploding power cells, and many other crises.

The ultimate objective of the game is to escape, but RimWorld will bring forward a new and unpredictable story every time you will play the game. This is one of the best management tycoon games you will play online on PC.

SimCity Series

SimCity is another very popular tycoon game online with a long-running video game franchise. Its first debut was in 1989. SimCity is a pioneering video game franchise in a lot of ways, as it helps several other best tycoon games come out in the market.

Simcity is one of the best tycoon games available online, allowing players to build and create a city while aiding issues brought up by civilians. The game unexpectedly tosses various hostilities and natural disaster at the player’s progress that requires you to rebuild parts of your city locations.

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Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is different from your usual management building games on PC. This game is about role-playing, where you diligently tend, plant, and harvest crops. You also get to sell or trade the crops creating a productive loop. The Stardew Valley game is so good that you would want to spare as much time as you can to play this game.

Just like you have to focus on tending the crops, you also have to build strong relationships with the townsfolk by knowing their stories and opening about your growth potential. 

Most management and building games on PC only focus on building, spending with no connection to anything, which creates a void. But in Stardew Valley, you care about the people as much as you care about managing your crops and maximizing profit. The game is connected to the towns, brings good things to the town, and expects the same from you. Waxing up every day with excitement to see if your potatoes have grown fully will never stop being charming.

Surviving Mars

Surviving Mars is also another one of the best tycoon or management games. This mars colonizing sim game has come a long way since it was first debuted in March 2018. Earlier, the game looked like a barebone and also had a tripping user interface. However, now there is a completely different story. 

The game offers a greater variety of buildings, domes, a better user interface, and easy linking with fragile settlements. Once you start playing this game, it is hard to put it down.

The slow but steady growth from a handful of drones to making a thriving colony is immensely satisfying. The hostile environment, limited resources feel more like an achievement than ordering wood to build a mansion near the river. The sim management and survival mentality have come together to create this awesome game. Your colonists will need water, air, heat as well as food to the line, and if you fail to provide all of this, an old fashioned building game will look like a modern one.

Tiny Tower

The tiny tower is also a popular tycoon game available online. It first debuted in 2011 and received major success, which is why later, several other spins off games were also launched based on the same mechanism.

The players have to manage a tower that is constantly aiming to grow by adding new floors. Every floor has a commercial business such as a sushi bar, coffee house, or laundromat. New people enter the elevator to shoot at these commercial businesses or go on work on a specific floor throughout the day.

Every citizen carries some stats, and it depends on the payer to determine which floor business will reap the benefits from their work. This game is all about making more money to build your tower, allowing other businesses to be incorporated into your building.

The game’s user interface is simple to understand and can be enjoyed on both Apple and Android devices. 

Planet Zoo

The zoo tycoon series is one of the most popular among every other video game series. This classic video game puts players in full control of building and managing a custom zoo. Planet Zoo is a successor of the zoo tycoon series.

This video game is very similar to the original title, giving you full control over the zoo management and building. You have to make sure that every zoo animal is happy and healthy. At the same time, you also have to look after the people attending the zoo and make sure they have a good time. Your zoo must provide access to different types of animal species and access to various entertainments.


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