Best Skyrim Quests That You Need To Hunt Down!

Best Skyrim Quests That You Need To Hunt Down!

Skyrim is one of the best open-world RPG games for more than a decade now. The remastered edition released on Playstation 4, PC and Xbox reminds the players why they fell in love with this game in the first place. If You want to play some of the best Skyrim quests, then keep reading this post.

Skyrim has plenty of things to offer to players. You can explore anything and everything that you can or even stick to the main quest line presented before you. Skyrim is full of endless quests, and we don’t think that you will ever reach a point of “I have seen it all.”

While it has some of the best Skyrim quests, it also has some worst side quests. In this article, we have listed 10 Best and 2 Worst Skyrim quests that you need to keep an eye on.

We bet you are going to love them all!

Best Skyrim Quests:

Best: Dawnguard Quests

Hands down, this the best of all Skyrim quests and is not even the part of main quests. This best dawnguard quests offer the players exactly what they ever wanted from this game. The first-ever Dawnguard quest was released in 2012, and the developers had planned out everything well with this one.

The story revolves around malicious vampire groups who plan to blot the sun, and a group of hunters known as the Dawnguards constantly battle them. The player gets a chance to slide with any of the parties, leaving them wanting for more in the end. 

Skyrim keeps on adding the best items and weapons, new characters in the Dawnguard quests, and also the ability to turn into a vampire lord or werewolf. Skyrim could not have been better without Dawnguard quests.

A Night To Remember

In RPG games like Skyrim based on the open world, there is always one or more main or side quests rooted in humor. The land of Skyrim is filled with gritty fantasy reality, Grimm characters, and moments that will make you laugh your hearts out.  

A Night to Remember is one of the Skyrim side quests based on a protagonist who keeps drinking too much and passes in a Hangover situation. You will have to do a drinking competition with this ale-loving character. You have bigger problems on your hands than this, like the destruction of humankind, lots of cleaning, and questions to answers; it only becomes tempting to ignore him.

Do not be mistaken to think that this quest does not have combat. After swapping your fill, you will wake up in the temple filled with mages to fight. The humor will keep things light, allowing the player to play for hours. Keep following the trail to find clues, and you will experience the funniest Skyrim main quest.

The Wolf Queen Awakened

Another one of the best Skyrim quests is “The Wolf Queen Awakened,” which is played after completing “The Man Who Cried, Wolf”. Many of the Skyrim side quests have players fighting deadric plague and dragons that keep popping out of nowhere. This quest will literally have the hero fight against the god.

At the beginning of this quest, you make a series of conversations and go on to Potema’s Catacombs to face the deceased queen. In the beginning, this quest may not seem interesting enough or extraordinary, but the catacombs that players go through and the boss at the end of the tunnel are something that you will not experience in any of the Skyrim side quests. This quest is simply a blessing, breaking the monotonous chain of repetitive dungeons. 

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The Black Star

This is considered one of the best Skyrim quests by many players. The Balck Star is also one of the deadric quests which can be obtained south of Winterhold. The players have the task to find an elf image and obtain the Azura star. The players will be led to Ilialta’s Deep dungeon making the players battle with other images.

This quest has a high involvement of a necromancer involved. If the player successfully passes through the dungeon, they should continue and cleanse the star itself. The players are led to a battle with Malyn Varen’s consciousness which keeps on plagues the star. Trust me, the fight is not easy. It can go down to become one of your most memorable fights in the entire Skyrim game.


Unbound is the tutorial quest of Skyrim and is simply one of the best quests. The Elder Scrolls franchise is known for featuring the hero as a prisoner in the beginning, and now it’s sort of becoming a tradition. 

Skyrim offers an open-world experience to players waking up in a moving cart surrounded by other prisoners on their way to execution. Then you see a dragon approaching and raining fire on everyone. The player is then pushed into a quick-witted scene where he needs to be on his toes and adapt to every feature game throws. 

Unbound shows off the Skyrim game’s extraordinary graphics along with many other key gameplay elements making it a worthwhile installment to The Elder Scrolls series. This Skyrim main quest truly offers a great beginning to the game.

Hail Sithis!

The last in Skyrim Dark Brotherhood quests are “Hail Sithis.” This quest shows off how the gameplay and story can be interwoven together to offer a memorable experience to gamers. The quest starts during the climax part of Dark Brotherhood. The Night Mother will confirm a contract with Emperor Titus and is after the man who escaped assassination. The player will be taken to The Katariah, a big old ship. Stealth is allowed in this quest, but it is upto players how they fulfill the contract.

Hail Sithis is not a walk in the park. You will find many enemies and sailors to go through and transfer between the dark ship and dank, making it easier for you to get lost. This quest proves that you do not always need complex quests to have fun.

House Of Horrors

This quest is exactly what its name suggests- a quest driven by the horror that the players obtain after entering the town of Markarth. House of Horrors is among the many deadric quests of Skyrim games. The players find themselves trapped in a cage and are forced to bring Logrolf The Wilful to the abandoned house.

After the quest is complete, the player will be forced to fight with Logrolf through the cage. This quest is coupled with earthquakes, creepy narration that belongs to the abandoned house, making it a spooky trip in this non so terrifying game.

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Forbidden Legend

This quest is everything a player can imagine in the best and lengthy Skyrim quests. This name only leaves the player in wonder and awe. Players have to solve an ancient mystery of the Gauldur Amulet. To do this, the protagonist will have to learn everything about the history of an amulet. 

This search for truth will guide the player to different parts of Skyrim, collecting different pieces of the amulet. The final result of this quest is in the dungeons ending in three boss fights. Once you defeat all three players, you will get the Gauldur Amulet, +30 health, stamina, and Magicka as a reward. 

Blood on the Ice

For players who like to play detective roles, this is one of the best Skyrim quests in the Windhelm. Do you enjoy the sight of innocent murder and the body left on a grave? This quest will definitely keep you engaged throughout. 

Blood On Ice quest consists of hunting down the leads and searching for evidence to solve the mystery. Charisma, sneaking, and a bit of old-fashioned this quest include a lot of real-life and in-game skills. Grab our magnifying glasses and get ready to solve some puzzles.

Worst Skyrim Quests

There are also some worst Skyrim quests that are not worth spending your precious time on.

A Return To Your Roots

We all love collecting items and some monotonous tasks in games that are based on Open-World themes. However, in Skyrim, these quests that revolve around the main quest, the players can only make progress if they are doing something eye-catching.  

Return To Your Roots is a compilation of a bad collect them all kind of quest. For instance, if the player picks up the first crimson root, they will be given a task to collect thirty more. They are not even scattered around in different parts of Skyrim to promote adventure; you can find them all lying around Black reach. The quest is boring and feels like a chore, something that no layer enjoys. 

The College Of Winterhold

Similar to Lackluster Thieves Guild, This quest of Winterhold is nothing less than a disappointment. It is filled with repetitive feature missions for one-dimensional characters. To take part in the College of Winterhold, you need to show that you know how to use spells of any kind. All this does is waste the time of the player.

After the players enter the quest, they will be greeted with many Skyrim side quests that are inevitably mundane and dull. Every player is disappointed with the line of a quest, as it features nothing more than some fetch quests on the side.

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Final Words

Even if you are a die-hard fan of Skyrim, there are chances that you must have missed some of the best Skyrim quests. To make sure you get to experience every best quest, this list will take you on a trip of the emotional spectrum while the dragons glide overhead in the sky. What more can you ask for for a game?

Have you played all the Skyrim main and side quests? If yes, do not forget to leave a comment down below and tell us which one do you love the most.


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