Best House In Skyrim To Own In Your Next Purchase

Best House In Skyrim To Own In Your Next Purchase


Are you looking for the best house in Skyrim? Well, you have come to the right place. Although Skyrim is known for its dungeons and caverns, having a place to relax and store items are two main priorities in Skyrim.

Adventures are filled with treasure and unthinkable dangers; having a place for every player they can call their “Home” is critical. Skyrim is filled with some of the most beautiful player homes with amazing views. Regardless of what kind of houses you like, Skyrim will definitely have something that will grab your attention ranging from luxurious mansions to small farms.

Best House Options Available In Skyrim:

In this list, we have shared some of the best options that you can pick when you plan to buy a house in Skyrim. 

Proudspire Manor

This is undoubtedly the best and the most expensive house in Skyrim. The only condition to buy a house like this in Skyrim is that you will have to complete two quests- Elisif’s Tribute and Them Man Who Cried, Wolf. After completing the quests, you will get permission from Elisif to buy a house in Skyrim. Once you get the permit, you will have to pay 25 000 gold pieces to Falk Firebeard to get this house. 

This is among the most beautiful Skyrim homes located close to Blue Palace in complete solitude. It offers an amazing view of the environment from its top flower. It looks like an old dusty place; however, after upgrading, this house will look like an amazing palace to live in.

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Vlindrel Hall

Vlindrel Hall is placed in the mountain regions of Markarth City. In Skyrim, a player has to complete quests to buy this homes-Thane of the Reach quest. You will have to complete two more quests to get a Vlindrel house in Skyrim- Dungeon Delving and Forsworn Leader. You can get the house decorating guide for all the necessary updates. This house offers an extraordinary view of the Markarth landscape and the surroundings. 


The Hjerim Skyrim houses are located in the most prestigious area of Windhelm next to the King Palace. It is situated in the wealthy district of Valunstrad, meaning “Home of Frost.” These Skyrim houses are built with Nordic architecture and designs, and to buy a house like this in Skyrim, you will have to win the Blood on Ice quest, or else you will have to continue the quests. 

After you purchase this house, the quest will re-activate again. Initially, this house was owned by Friga; however, she was killed, and the house remains vacant since then. This building is incredibly spacious and can even get further upgrades.


Another best house in Skyrim and also the second most expensive one is Honeyside. Honeyside is situated in the Northwestern Riften. It is a 2-story structure that can be accessed via docks in the Riften outskirts or even inside Skyrim. If you see a Skyrim player with homes like these, it is after they have completed Jarl of Riften Quest. After this, the players also have to complete three more quests: supply and Demand, Helping Hand, and the Raid to get a honey side house in Skyrim. This modest house is placed in one of the most beautiful places of Skyrim.

Severin Manor

Another one of the Skyrim waterfront houses is Severin Manor, located on the way to Earth Stone. It is located between Raven Rock and the Island of Solstheim. Initially, this house was owned by the Severin Family, but they relocated later. After you successfully complete the Served Cold Quest, you will get the house as an award from Councilor Morvan.

 This house comes fully furnished when you purchase it and contains Arcane Enchanter, Alchemy Lab, and Forge. However, the only bad thing about this Skyrim Severin builds a house is that you cannot bring your spouse along with you.


If you are looking for the cheapest Skyrim homes, then you must get a Breezehome in Skyrim. Breezehome is the perfect residency for players who are beginners in Skyrim because it is available in the main quest. 

This house is strategically located in an economic center near the general goods store, blacksmith, and town smelter. This makes it a perfect strategic place for players who use smithing tools regularly.

The downside of buying this residency is that it lacks an arcane enchanting place and is located in Whiterun adjacent to Warmaiden. To purchase a Breezehome house in Skyrim, players must complete Bleak Falls of Barrow.

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Lakeview Manor

Another best house in Skyrim is the Lakeview Manor, located in the north Pinewatch of Falkreath. There are only two to get your hands on a Lakeview manor in Skyrim. The first is when you become Thane of Falkreath, and the second is by reaching level 9. The players receive a letter in courier informing the availability of the plot. Once they complete the Kill, the Bandit Leader quest, you can own this property. 

This is one of those Skyrim player homes that are not available pre-made, and you need to construct your own building. After you have purchased the property, you will get all the necessary equipment to start the construction/

Dallas Cottage

Are you in search of a peaceful getaway? This residence nestled between a romantic mountain range and a babbling brook is the best available option in the entire Skyrim. Drela’s is the owner of this beautiful cottage. He is the master of dark magic, and you can see him rewatching out to you even before you spot the cabin.

He will try to attack you, and once he passes on, you will be welcomed in the cottage. It has a beautiful vegetable garden, a chicken cook, and an alchemy lab fully stocked, offering a lovely view of the surrounding.

Dallas cottage can become Skyrim player homes, only if they are not a Thane of any of the hold. If you do not like huge mansions or are not rich enough to buy Breezehome, Dallas cottage is a nice start.

Windstar Manor 

The Windstar Manor is located in the northern Ustengrav of Hjaalmarch and is available to Porsche for 5,000 gold pieces. This house comes with an add-on hearth fire to let the players build their own house from scratch. 

Like Lakeview Minor, it also has a workbench on-site, including a drafting table, an anvil, and a carpenter’s bench. You will be able to build and customize upto three different houses on this property from scratch using all the raw materials provided with it. 

Abandoned House

Another best house in Skyrim is the Abandoned house which is situated near the Arnleif and Sons company in the Markath region. This is one of those Skyrim player homes that comes with weapons and food supplies to use. It also has three extra rooms, a huge area to store all the loots, a basement tunnel that goes to the Molag Bal shrine. The Abandoned house is one of the largest houses in Skyrim.

However, just like the Severin Manor, you will not be allowed to bring your spouse into this house. One more thing that is not allowed inside the house is cooking. This house also does not have an Arcane Enchanter or an Alchemy Lab. 

Sarethi Farm

Last but not least, the Skyrim build house on our list is Sarethi Farm. This house is filled with plenty of agricultural produce like nirnroot, potatoes, and gourds. This produce is cultivated and supplied by the owner of the farm, that is Avrusa Sarethi. To move into this farmhouse, you first have to complete the Smooth Jazbay Quest and then ask for Avrusa’s hand in marriage. The only bad thing about this far is that it does not have as much storage as compared to other Skyrim houses in this list. 

The White Phial

Are you planning for your life after retirement and do not wish to just sit and count the gold? How about getting into a place with a stable business and steady income? The White Phial is an alchemy shop located in Windhelm, which is a central location with regular clientele ensuring years of success.

To get a White Phial in Skyrim, the player will have to complete the quest with the same name. On completion, the owner of the Phial will die, and his assistant Quintus Navale will be the new master of the shop. He is an eligible bachelor, and if you marry him, White Phial will automatically become yours. Get your hands on the most famous alchemist shop of the entire Skyrim.

Final Words:

Skyrim player homes are a place to relax and lay their head and store their items and run a business. Every player needs a home to take a break from the danger-filled and thrilling adventures of Skyrim. Skyrim has numerous beautiful houses with amazing views. You will find something that you like and suit your purpose in the list of the best houses in Skyrim. One of the many reasons for the fame of Skyrim is the player housing feature. It’s your turn to get a dream house in Skyrim and relax a bit. Do not forget to leave a comment below if you like this article!


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