What Is Auto Peter In Stardew Valley?

What Is Auto Peter In Stardew Valley?

AUTO PETTER STARDEW  – Do you still lavish your pets with daily pet care? Are you concerned that your pets will be unhappy? Stop worrying now! You may liberate your hands and scale new heights with the 50,000g Auto-Petter.

Greetings, fellow Auto Petter Stardew Valley gamers. The Auto-Petter has recently been the subject of several of your questions. We will discuss some important details regarding this device in this lesson. Read on if you’re curious.

In this article, you will read about “AUTO PETTER STARDEW” .

Describe the Auto-Petter

Let’s start by outlining the Auto Petter stardew . It is a trademarked gadget made through the Joja Organisation that pets your barn and coop animals daily for you. But since it’s only a machine, it can’t replicate the warmth and tenderness of human contact. Thus it can’t offer all the advantages of hand stroking. These characteristics apply to the Auto-Petter:


  • It can be put anywhere
  • but it only functions in coops and barns.


In another tutorial, I had a couple of Auto-Petters Stardew placed outside the coop. Its use outside was a common question among players. No, it cannot be used outside; it must be kept within a coop or barn.

How Do Animal Friendship & Mood Values Work in Stardew Valley?

Second, the Auto Petter Stardew avoids animal affection loss by not petting them by increasing it by 8 points daily. We need to talk about animal companionship and mood values to comprehend this.

  • The heart icon across the right-click panel denotes a friendship value.
  • and the description in the paragraph below it serves as a representation of mood value.

Petting is one of the many daily factors that affect both values. An animal’s affection and mood are increased by 32 to 36 when manually petted. These values double if you hold the Coopmaster and Shepherd professions.

What impact does the auto-petter have on the quality of animal products?

The quality of animal goods is determined by friendship and mood variables in the game. As a result, although the Auto-Petter boosts attachment by eight points, it may still impact product quality because it is less effective than manual petting.

Can I Manually Pet Animals Even Through the Auto-Petter Installed?

Thirdly, even though the Auto Petter Stardew is installed, you can manually pet animals, but the affection values do not stack. For instance, hand stroking an animal will still earn only 15 love points, or 23, even though an Auto-Petter provides 8 points of affection. Manual petting, however, can add mood values.

Fourthly, it is not possible to sell the Auto Petter in Stardew. In order to prevent wastage, store it in a barn or coop as soon as you have one.

Stardew Valley’s Auto-Petter Obtaining Procedure

In Stardew Valley, there are three methods to get an Auto-Petter:

  • When they finish the Joja Development Form, players that take the Joja route can buy one for 50,000g in the Joja Market.
  • There is a 3% chance of finding one in a treasure room in the Skull Cavern. These rooms rise above floor 10 at random and are determined by chance. So choose a lucky day, wear a luck ring, and eat foods that increase luck while harvesting to obtain an Auto-Petter within the Skull Cavern.
  • Last but not least, throughout the Special Order mission “Danger In The Deep,” the Auto Petter Stardew will have an incredibly low chance of dropping from enemies in Mr. Qi’s Walnut Room.

Bonus advice: Bring the Slime Charmer and Burglar Rings into Skull Cavern to explore the mine’s numerous stairs. Watch out for infected floors on the very first 20 floors. Restart & try again if you are unsuccessful in finding any. The initial strategy 20 floors are dedicated to minimizing other creatures and ensuring that only slimes are there.

Use Monster Musk & stairs to repeatedly access monster-infested floors in pursuit of Special Slimes (with a yellow star). You’ll ultimately locate an Auto-Petter if you’re persistent, and you might also get more Iridium Needles, Iridium Bands, & Pressure Nozzles.



In conclusion, the article has attempted to explain “AUTO PETTER STARDEW”. I hope the language in this post is clear and understandable. 

Q1) Can I stop worrying about my animals once they reach five hearts and place the Auto-Petter?

Ans. Yes, you may utilize the Auto-Petter without worrying about your animals after reaching five hearts. To utilize the Auto-Petter before they reach maximum affection, but if you don’t care too much regarding product quality, remain aware that their quality may be inferior.



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