A brief history of slot machines (History and Evolution)

A brief history of slot machines (History and Evolution)

Slot machines have made significant progress since the late 1800s in terms of technology and advancement. Slot machines back in the days started with Liberty bell slots and Horseshoe

In today’s time, there is a wide variety of slot machines available offline and online. Around the 1930’s it was easy to cheat with old slot machines because of the easy mechanical component. The players used to stop the slot in between whenever they wanted, which game them a false advantage. And this continued until the 1970s.

After 1970 the slot machines turned into a digital solution that used the computer to spin the slot and stop at random numbers leaving little to no chances of fraud. This advancement attracted more people to play the game because there were better odds of generating generous payouts.  

Playing online with slot machines was fairly easy. Only RNG and animations on display are required, which can be easily sent on the device/ phone or computers while you are not at the place.

Slot machines are still changing and using advance technologies featuring new games every time.

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