SBO NEWS Beat Victor Tana Friends police subdue dragon King 1-0.

Toyota Cup Thailand Premier League The Dragon King Stadium , Ratchaburi Ratchaburi FC squad for the visit of 8 . “Gentlemen shield money ” Police sbobet to brace the top 17 of the standings .

The game starts off Star Race at 6 Ratchaburi J. BROWN greeted by a ball along the line . Skim through the door wiping sbobet ” dummy” Phuwadolwisid Suwannachard charged batteries. But missed the ball out a little bit back .

12 am Police back soon Mishawaka Granada Marcy opening cut into the door Thana Cha ‘s son rushed to fill the beat goalkeeper male sbobet Park Police moved the score to 1-0 .

After conceding Ratchaburi try to open the game harder AM 20 sbobet Hurricane Bertie the ball up the left side of the door for the firing . But also to block the defender

PM 30 Ratchaburi to win again. Hurricane Harbor flicks the ball on to the Genki Nagasaki Prefecture ball over the bar after the shooting .

‘s 36 chances to win once again came to the police station and the Rappahannock Nick on a free kick on the right side over to the two banks Leach ‘s son sbobet thai strike back arrow to return to the first pillar. The ball falls off the base of the pole .

Ratchaburi would have equalized at 43 . From the corner of Hurricane Harbor , a prominent Fairfax Fernandez ‘s splash into the door â € Henri L. header past the goalkeeper , but also SURACHART I Sing to Africa sbobet strike the bite narrowly.

First-half injury time to beat Nick Stage Rappahannock free kick 20 yards to the police ball ricochet wall Rojo Hiroshima Nishi run by a shot over the net bulging sbobet , but a flag raised offside before the end of the first half. Police also led 1-0 in

Back together in the second half Ratchaburi game from the beginning. Less than a minute Nearly equalized From a free kick from 30 yards over the left edge of a long drop to the center of Hattiesburg Bear Sheriff penalty saving merit ran full sbobet strike clan Wallop tiny outposts team. Ward the bar is incredibly shocked

PM 49 also invade the host through the hefty Douglas Chongqing to health Bertie runs through the middle of the back line on a broken item inside Ratatouille costume Ratna Park sbobet volley immediately Phuwadolwisid Suwannachard tried repeatedly female ball impact exterior windows .

At 53 fellow officers have the opportunity to win it. From long shot of Nishi Hiroshima sbobet norovirus struck the ball hit the side netting buds off his back.

Mishawaka pm 61 Marcy Seville striker team. The ball is chipped edge Parallel Lines Open Skim Henri sbobet â € L. extract pillar trim out the back.

75 Free -kick 25 yards at Ratchaburi left corner of the penalty Bear Sheriff Fernandez sbobet shot semi-open , semi- curved pole Wallop clan tiny floating grab hands.

‘s 90 defenders on the goal 25 yards free -kick again apparent health Bertie Fernando de compression ball crashed through the wall bounce beams falling Page Glow quarterback ran police strike immediately . Before the game, Ratchaburi will not bore sbobet Police make finished unbeaten , winning 1-0.

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